California Day 400+ Japan Nuclear airborne aerosols 131I, 137Cs, and 35S sadness

The Journal Environmental Science and Technology reports in a new study that the Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California “with greatest exposure in central and southern California,” Projected paths of the radioactive atmospheric plume emanating from the Fukushima reactors, best described as airborne particles or aerosols for 131I, 137Cs, and 35S, and subsequent atmospheric monitoring showed it coming in contact with the North American continent at California, with greatest exposure in central and southern California. Government monitoring sites in Anaheim (southern California) recorded peak airborne concentrations of 131I at 1.9 pCi m−3 my grand baby RIP 4 18 12. you where to good for this place. I did everything I could to stop it baby. I can look back at the last 3 years, and the helpers of the underground. NO blood on our hands. USA your already in trouble with nuclear fallout. Love Scott radioactive kelp Now in California from Fukushima: Obama Lies to Public! Fukushima Report Introduced by Top Official Hosono: “Other reactors are all in considerably severe condition” — 14 total; Dai-ni, Onagawa, Tokai — “Extreme situations, though not much has been broadcast” Climate Change Update (20 April 2012) 14 Reactors in Japan “Severe Condition” PO Box 657 Goshen Ca. 93227 NOTE: Half-life is the time taken for a radioactive substance to decay by half.] * Cesium-134 ~ 2 years * Cesium
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Question by Travis W: <> <><> poll: DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE U.S STOLE CALIFORNIA, AND NEW MEXICO FROM MEXICO??????? <><> <>?

Even though they gave mexico 15 mil it was more like compensation.
the u.s.a invaded mexico even went to mexico city and to california and new mexico. they demanded the land and on the way those drunken bastards killed women and children who nothing to do with their greediness. the people who believe mexican land wasnt stolen need to look at it through a point of view which hits more closer to home. (no pun intended)

a group of people make an offer of 30,000,000 on your home. you politley turn it down. but you welcome the people to live in your homeand drink the water and eat the food. Driven by complete selfishness they then invade your house while you were in the kitchen. one unit would climb on the roof with 25 and send the other 25 through you basement/ or garage. they succesfully take over the house and put their flag on top claiming it as theirs. but they get drunk and kill your wife and or children/ and or mom/ and or dad/. they then sit your ass down on the kitchen table get a post-it and you two develop a treaty. they give you half of your homes worth(15,000,000)(polk first offered 30 million) and kick you out into your backyard. and then a little while later they find out that theyre is oil (black gold) in the front yard. then in the future land values soar. and the area you once called home is the home of some of the wealthiest people in the world.



why cant americans accept the fact that it was stolen?
texas is mexican land are you guys retarded???
its kinda like somody poking you and you say HELP!!!! HELP!!! ASSAULT!!!! and you pull out your gun and shoot them. polk claimed that land and annexed texas for a reason

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Answer by Van7
US annexes Texas. They station troops on the Texan side of the Rio Grande. Mexico gets mad because they believed that the Texan border was farther North, so they invade.

It was Mexico’s fault.

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Q&A: MIP in california?

Question by Greg L: MIP in california?
I’ve read through various threads about this but im still confused. First thing is that my citation doesn’t say whether its 25662 a or b all it has is 25662 BP or at least what looks like a BP. the writing is very faded. Second thing is that at the top misdemeanor, traffic and non traffic boxes are all not checked. so which one would i be charged for?

the main reason im worried is that because im confused on whether or not i will lose my license. when i got charged it was me and my three friends in the street. so im guessing that should qualify for 25662 a but on the citation it doesnt say, so could the judge or whoever (first time going to court so i dont know how it works) charge me for b and possible take away my license.

Even if this was 25662 a could they still take away my license or am i basically guaranteed to keep it. can someone please answers these questions because this is my first time getting in any trouble and its killing me.

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Answer by `~Irene~`
You really shouldn’t put that stuff on here…no offense!!!

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California Pulls the Plug on Electric Cars

David Spady reveals how California preaches about using electric cars, but makes it more expensive for electric car drivers.

( ) Is this the next generation of the Lexus GS? When a automobile manufacturer launches a new car they often show it first to the press first. The car company provides reporters with video of the car. Here is the very first video of the Lexus LF-Gh hybrid Concept on the road. We added our own music and editing to the video to bring you the first look at the newest Lexus concept car that signals the new design direction for Lexus.

California Hybrid Drivers Lose Car-Pool Lane Privileges

California Hybrid Drivers Lose Car-Pool Lane Privileges
Starting July 1st, solo drivers of hybrid cars in California will see their special pass to the car pool lane disappear. Since 2004, hybrid owners with a special permit were allowed entry into California’s High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV) lanes even when driving alone. The special yellow key-shaped decals that denoted access quickly became a…
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Incentives for manufacture, import of hybrid cars pushed
SEVERAL fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for the manufacture, assembly, conversion and importation of electric, hybrid and other alternative fuel vehicles is being pushed “to promote the market for cleaner vehicles and pave the way for the realization of having a healthier environment.” read more
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Neighborhood e-vehicles set to boom in Asia Pacific
Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) have outstanding benefits of zero-tail pipe emissions, low vibration and noise as well as low running and maintenance costs due to negligible recharge costs.

The Oil That Lies Offshore California

The Oil That Lies Offshore California
Last week I covered some of the early history of the development of the oil industry in California , and briefly mentioned the difficulties in integrating an ongoing oil industry into a thriving surface community.
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Shipshape in Burlington
Non-metalic bearings use sea water and stop spills of lubricating oil
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US bill highlights handsome pay of massive cargo ship pilots
SACRAMENTO, California (AP) – A California lawmaker’s bill to increase the pay of pilots who navigate massive cargo ships through San Francisco Bay’s intricate shipping channels drew attention to the handsome incomes earned by these little-known mariners. A state Senate committee heard debate about a proposal sponsored by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma to raise the rates of San Francisco Bay’s bar …
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Why in California have they pushed us to conserve electricity only to have them raise our rates?

No joke, the government is pushing people to save electricity, which is fine by me. My electric bill is lower, but now I just heard that they’re raising rates again.

So what is the deal? We all save electricity, the electric company’s revenue decreases and now they want to raise their rates so I have to pay what I was originally paying before my conservation efforts.,0,5772905.story

Altergy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powers California Christmas Tree

SACRAMENTO, California 12/06 — This Christmas season Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state of California establish yet another “first” by becoming the first state in the US to power its official state Christmas tree with a fuel cell system. The 6500 lights on the 55-foot white fir tree are illuminated with electricity generated by a Freedom Power™ fuel cell system designed and manufactured by Altergy Systems of Folsom, Calif. ( ) The Altergy fuel cell system allows the tree’s lights to operate independent of the power grid, demonstrating the state of California’s commitment to clean energy sources and energy efficient technology. The fuel cell system is nonpolluting; its byproduct is water. “Fuel cell-generated power is a viable alternative to traditional power sources,” stated Eric Mettler, president and CEO of Altergy Systems. “The state of California and Altergy are leading the way toward changing the way the world gets its power, as demonstrated by this year’s fuel cell lighting of the state Christmas tree. We at Altergy are pleased to join with the Governor and First Lady to increase public awareness of fuel cell capabilities during this holiday season.”