Grow mass amounts of algae and produce 20000+ gallons of bio-fuel on one acre. With the amount of farm space of 1/10 the size of New Mexico we could produce enough fuel to fill the United States’ need for oil. (more)

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  1. Not sure what you are asking ? look up any vehicle that runs off of biodiesel. You would process the oil obtained from the algae like any vegetable oil. Not sure how to get the oil maybe they press it …

  2. So far, I’ve seen plenty of videos of this stuff being made, what I would like to see is a video of a car running on it. Is there a video or at least an account of a vehicle running on 100% algae fuel? Thanks.

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  4. I am and engineer and also very interested in the issues we face with the increased c02 in the atmosphere and sustainable fuels. This chap is an innovator and an inspiration. Thank you for sharing

  5. If Valcent can keep big oil out of the way, this could really be a salvation.

  6. this is an awesome process. I’d like to see more funds go to this worthwhile endeavor

  7. Great interview and video! Thanks for posting! Once their process is perfected, Vertigro could take the Ag-industry to a whole new level.

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