Grow mass amounts of algae and produce 20000+ gallons of bio-fuel on one acre. With the amount of farm space of 1/10 the size of New Mexico we could produce enough fuel to fill the United States’ need for oil.

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  1. Algae produces a large amount of lipids(fats). The fat it produces resembles vegetable oil. They already have engines that can use vegetable oil to create energy in a motor.

    Since algae produces SUBSTANTIAL amounts MORE oil than other plants… it gives algae huge economic potential.

    Algae also uses lots of CO2 to grow. When you burn the fuel, it adds CO2 to the environment. However creating the oil from algae doesnt ADD MORE co2 to the environment. It maintains status quo in the end.

  2. Id like to know how to get the green powder into fuel…any comments? I seriously think if you can make this efficient…we will control our energy independence.

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