If it is possible, we could kill two birds with one stone. We could get the federal government to subsidize liposuction, and then render the waste human fat into biodiesel. We could then assist in alleviating the nation’s obesity problem with subsidized liposuction, and/or pay contributors for their body fat. Would it/could it work?

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  1. Yes you could make fuel from human fat. It wouldn’t supply much fuel though. As fat a country as we are, our prodigious use of fuel dwarfs our fatness. And it wouldn’t pay. 100 pounds of fat would make less than 20 gallons of fuel. At $3 a gallon, that is $60. Minus the cost of making the fuel from the fat. Now how much does a liposuction cost? And how many gallons of fuel a week does the average American use?

  2. Yes it is possible. There is a small plant manufacturing Biodiesel near were I live. It uses tallow (animal fat) from the local abattoir as the main ingredient. Human fat is not really different.

    I am quite suspicious that a scheme such as this would actually be more successful than encouraging people to ride a bicycle or walk. We live in a strange world, people are more likely to line up for a liposuction that exercise.

    The last time I did the sums it was about 100 miles to a pound of human fat on a standard bicycle. Your probably only get a fraction of this once it was converted to biodiesel.

  3. Yes they can and do from cattle and animals, but if I were to drive a car powered by human waste, then undoubtedly the grave diggers and mortuaries would be having a problem with it, along with the pet food makers, then of course China with its over population would start rounding people up to turn into them fuel and offering price incentives when you buy a car…Todays special and we’ll throw in a tank made from geniune prison inmates and migrant workers!

  4. Can u immagine the world fat people would have a chanche to use their fat toes to get rich wow that is a brilliant idea !!
    The problem is to convince our president and all those rich muslim countries?? Did u have any clue??

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