Fuel prices are getting so high I am considering biofuel for my diesel.

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  1. If it is not properly filtered, it will mess up your fuel system, which can lead to hundreds or thousands in repair costs.

    Some blends solidify at unusually high temperatures – resulting in similar repair costs.

  2. No, just the cost, it goes down. You can also run #1 heating oil if your house is heated by an oil burner. I believe there is a process that is required to convert cooking oil.

  3. picking up the wvo, finding methanol, finding good lye, buying or building your cooker which the nice ones are like 4k. then you have to water wash your bio diesel 3 times or you run the risk of harm to your injector system. some of the downside but you allready know the goodstuff.

  4. nop,its pretty much all good.im doing the same thing just got a biodiesel engine.

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