Check out the Copenhagen Wheel. It’s a new device that can transform almost any bicycle into an electric-hybrid vehicle. It is a self-contained unit that rep…

The Trikke 48v Electric hybrid vehicle is our long range powered model for the demanding. This dual speed EV can range up to 24 miles and get speeds up to 16…
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  1. what you could’ve done is re-invent the way people live their lives,
    instead of trying to profit from something you “co-operatedly” in a
    business fashion to improve the way bikes work, especially in this
    Copenhagen-wheel. In which where I live in Hong Kong, there are laws that
    won’t allow motor bikes, which is often the case for transport in China
    where the laws are more “acceptable.” Greedy, greedy, greedy.


    Hong Kong Resident,

    LC Yeung

  2. Might have some added benefits to the carbon footprint…time will tell.

    Either way, good idea.

  3. Not exactly for old geezer or the lazy. If you live in a hilly terrain like
    San Fran or any other city, this bike is ideal.

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