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Question by j g: How much nickel is mined for one hybrid car battery?
I am curious to know how much nickel is mined for the average hybrid car battery? I’ve heard hybrids toted as the solution, but nickel is a finite resource which must be mined. As I understand it the batteries are extremely heavy composed of mostly nickel.

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Answer by dana19812
I don’t know the answer to your question. However, gasoline is also a finite resource which must be extracted from the Earth, and hybrids save on gasoline. Additionally, in a few years hybrids will replace nickel-metal hydride batteries with lithium-ion technology. And finally, hybrid batteries are fully recycleable:

“Toyota has a comprehensive battery recycling program in place and has been recycling nickel-metal hydride batteries since the RAV4 Electric Vehicle was introduced in 1998. Every part of the battery, from the precious metals to the plastic, plates, steel case and the wiring, is recycled. To ensure that batteries come back to Toyota, each battery has a phone number on it to call for recycling information and dealers are paid a 0 “bounty” for each battery.”

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