MTSU’s innovative plug in hybrid automobile conversion kits.

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  1. Good information here,,but this video needs to be re-shot in better
    definition, audio and camera angles. Possibly with some updates. I do like
    this idea of building the traction motors into the wheels themselves.
    Although there might be questions of protecting the motor from road debris.
    Should make hybrid conversions much easier. Also makes for some interesting
    steering and parking possibilities. Probably the biggest issue in a
    conversion is where to put the batteries?

  2. few things that I see wrong with this system. Since he said it’s a honda,
    that means that its fwd, and the motors are installed on the rear wheels.
    So this system won’t work on awd cars. With a DC motor system, it is less
    efficient than an AC system. AC system allows regen breaking. Probably why
    there hasn’t been any work on this or similar systems in the news.

  3. What would it take to add regenerative braking? It really needs to tie in
    to the vehicle control systems to be optimized – traction, stability,
    braking. But plug-ins for vehicle software are a scary thought – all the
    bugs and viruses of a PC in a moving machine.

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