Question by T-Bone: How far can a Hybrid or Electric vehicle pull a fully loaded trailer when its 20 below zero outside?

Even at best case senerio, it cannot maintain highway speed of 65 mph with a meager 3500 lb towing capacity….
Some people like myself live in cold weather climates (northern MN) Temps as low as 50 below zero F are not uncommon here.

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Answer by Country Club Conservative
Depends. They make hybrid Suburbans now.

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  1. Hybrid and electric are totally different animals. What is the engine size of the Hybrid? What is the Ah rating of the electric vehicle? What is the load you want to carry? What are the GCWR’s of each vehicle? Why 20 deg below? F or C?

  2. “Hybrid ”

    A Hybrid is a mix of both electric battery and an on-board generating engine so it is designed to go far. Braking generates electricity that is routed into the batteries; a very efficient use of stop-and-go driving (city). If there is not enough electric power stored, the engine kicks in and generates the electricity. This is why Hybrids are not fuel efficient on open roads – not enough braking to recharge the batteries.

    .”Electric vehicle”
    An Electric vehicle only uses stored electrical energy and it’s range depends greatly on the number & type of batteries, the weight of the vehicle, the load the vehicle carries, the terrain, etc.

  3. How many people actually have to pull trailers (fully loaded or otherwise), in any temperature, much less when it’s -20 outside?

  4. the weather does not make a difference. why hasn’t some one for an electric car used the old generators from the cars before alternators to power the car and charge the battery while driving.
    what happened to the antique electric cars that were to replace the combustion engine. the antique steam engines. the ideas are there they just need to be tweaked to adjust to our way of life.

  5. If you have the need for a vehicle like that and hybrid electrics aren’t capable of meeting your needs, then by all means, get what you need. The vast majority of us who don’t tow cars during an Alaskan winter will be fine with hybrid electrics.

    Though I see no reason why a hybrid electric couldn’t be equally powerful to anything else. If car companies aren’t making them as powerful, that’s the source of the problem. A hybrid, unlike a pure electric, doesn’t have too many theoretical limitations.

    In general, I favor tough regulations on vehicle emissions with liberal exceptions for such unusual but perfectly valid needs.

  6. It depends if you are parked on a long hill facing down or not….. (Hope you have good brakes).

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