The big news from Toyota from the 2014 CES show came in the form of their new Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the appropriately if not originally named FCV. (FCV…
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  1. There is another catch also. Hydrogen stations do not produce hydrogen. So
    again. Where do we get hydrogen in HUGE VOLUMES?

  2. you need electricity to make hyrdogen. Then you use that hydrogen to make
    electricity to run a car. So why not just power a car directly with
    electricity instead of using electricity to make hydrogen which then is
    burned to make electricity? doesnt make sense to me. Someone please explain
    to me whats so great about hydrogen cars.

  3. Big fireball is provided as a bonus during safety testing and side
    Range is important as is availability of refueling stations, but if I’m not
    mistaken there is a car company that has already covered more ground than
    most – Tesla ;)

  4. Hydrogen is less a fuel, more an energy storage system. Wouldn’t it make
    more sense to take the energy used to make the fuel and put it into a
    battery. There’s no cost advantage and until they find a way to split
    hydrogen from oxygen spontaneously, there’s no cost advantage. At this time
    Hydrogen only makes sense if you are in the natural gas business. That’s
    how most of the hydrogen is made right now.

  5. If the byproduct is water then surely more water in the atmosphere will
    create more rain and more fluids

  6. Hydrogen has a set capacity but battery technology has no limits.. Nano
    batteries have yet to be invented but are theoretically possible.

  7. Disapointed that its toyota that put those car on the market NOW. I mean
    any other cool compagny could of done this long time ago. 

  8. I used to be anti Toyota but if they make this car I am for them all the
    way. This fuel is th fuel of the future.

  9. Tesla fuel is essentially free! I can charge it cheap at home! That
    massive Hydrogen bomb scares the hell out of me! Hydrogen leak plus
    electric or static discharge spark equals boom! Did anyone do the math on
    this? I’m sticking with straight batteries. Making, compressing,
    chilling, and distributing hydrogen takes more energy than coal and gas?!?
    Where is all that energy coming from? How did this business plan get off
    the planning stage?
    Sorry for the rant,…wasting money just upsets me.

  10. This is the technology the world needs, and we need it now! Let’s get to
    work to change from oil, to hydrogen. The time has come.

  11. Oh my, this means those of us making our own hydrogen can refuel any where.

    What really socks is the people that , need it the most won’t be able to
    afford it.

  12. Very sad Toyota, now your going to sell us hydrogen through the pumps, just
    make a car that runs on water and give it to the world for free

  13. Here a quote from a guy who predicted Submarines, Skyscrapers, Helicopter,
    details about the moon travel etc. more than 130 years ago.

    1874 – Jules Verne: “water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen
    and oxygen of which it is constituted will be used”´

  14. this seems like a bad idea………anyone remember the hindenburg?! its a
    sexy as hell car however hydrogen is very flammable…. how would the get
    around that?…

  15. Hydrogen is DOA.
    Hydrogen fuel pumps cost $1.5 million-plus each. A home electric charger
    will soon cost $399.
    Hydrogen = Hindenburg. Just one accident and it is all over – no matter how
    many have been sold.
    Toyota’s blunder will put Nissan in the lead as Nissan got it right with
    the all-electric direction.

  16. How stupid is Toyota, the tank is like carrying a gigantic bomb, it can
    explode dramatically.
    Please Toyota, it is very simple, if you want to compete with Tesla, just
    do the same, all electric and keep improving the batteries, and at the same
    time, make a nice looking car.
    You have the money to even do 3 models or more !

  17. Did no one watch the documentary “who killed the Electric Car”? its the
    same thing all over again! Tesla Motors All the way!! Tesla Motors Is THE

  18. it is possible to make a particle accelerator and produce lithium 6 that
    makes hydride …… lets work on that too! 

  19. Baaaddd idea and they know it. The “catch” is purposely built into the
    whole scheme. You shouldn’t need hydrogen refueling stations. Why not get
    it strait from water?

  20. Gosh that guys just talking all over the place and doesn’t just tell him…
    He’s going on about using methane from the land fill blah blah… when all
    they are doing is getting the Hydrogen from Water…. please….blah blah

  21. The Future…..

    #hydrogenfuelcells #hydrogeneconomy #science #platinummetals
    #electriccars #co2emissions #research 

  22. “You could take best case of a fuel cell, theoretically the best case, and
    it does not compete with lithium-ion cells today. And lithium-ion cells are
    far from their optimum.”

    -Elon Musk

  23. If the byproduct is water then surely more water in the atmosphere will
    create more rain and more fluids

  24. Everyone is all cock a hoop to turn the Earths oxygen into water… What
    happens when the oxygen is gone? It’s not like CO2 which is recycled by
    plant life.

  25. Good info really if your into this stuff…… But, every tinkerer, and
    garage mechanic in the world can now make an HHO generator for next to
    nothing…….. So what we want to know is when are these guys going to
    get the fuel cell part of the equation figured out and get it on the

  26. The Future…..

    #hydrogenfuelcells #hydrogeneconomy #science #platinummetals
    #electriccars #co2emissions #research 

  27. Why don’t you just use water to produce hydrogen. Last time I checked,
    there is miles and miles of water in my backyard. I think the ocean has a
    lot of water?

  28. Could we just have giant hydrogen fuel cells “plants” like powerstations to
    eliminate having to have a fuel cell and hydrogen in ever car? Because then
    you don’t have to transport hydrogen and you would need less platinum etc?
    You could even produce the hydrogen at the same site as the fuel cell. Then
    use existing infrastructure to transport electrical energy to homes and
    electric cars!

  29. Robert: “explain how fuel cells work in really simple terms”
    phd student: “we combine atoms electrolytically via a proton exchange

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  31. If you want to get the plans
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  32. i know a gay in canada who is making hydrogen heroin, its like the street
    but more pure and there are no withdrawal or “Dope Sickness”! If you shoot
    this hydro heroin for a month straight and stop cold turkey u dont get sick

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