Question by Sethers: Will hydrogen powered vehicles cause climate changes if they become widsespread?
It seems to me that if hydrogen powered vehicles are emitting water vapor into the atmosphere this would have some sort of effect on the climate if they ever became as widespread as gas powered vehicles are today. Increased humidity seems like the most logical result. I can see this having some environmental effects especially in places that are more arid such as the southwest desert cities. What do you think?

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Answer by Mista Ricksta
They will. The point will be that it WON’T be that EVIL CO2 gas that does it! H2O vapor is a WORSE global warming gas than CO2 is, too, but people pushing “environmentally friendly” cars or fuels aren’t going to tell you this!

On the plus side, you CAN remove H2O vapor from the air rather easily – easier than you can remove CO2 gas. The air does this ALL by itself too when it gets cold!

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  1. Every thing we do as a species has some affect on the environment. We could only hypothesize for the moment. Maybe more acid rain from the increased water vapor mixing with carbon in the atmosphere. Who knows? That is an interesting question any one else got any ideas.

  2. What comes out the exhaust of your car is CO2 ,No2 depending how hot the cylinder is,and water vapor.
    Hydrogen burnt with air will produce water vapor and NO2 because hydrogen burns very hot.

  3. I don’t think they will. Seeing as how not one drop of water leaves the Earth. I think it will all just go back through the cycle of evaporation and condensation. Also, the water cycle controls the distribution of water on Earth. Since the hydrogen powered cars will be driven and the hydrogen will be released in different places, I think the least these kind of cars will do is harm the environment.

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