Most of current machine need petroleum for energy resource but the petroleum deposit currently becoming smaller from day to day. Many new alternative energy is prepared to replace it such as ethanol, hydrogen, etc. But to replace or modify current machines to fit with those new energy will cost much.

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  1. Ethanol and hybrid using part electric power are the first steps, since it is still using some gasoline, but to convert to alternative fuels there will have to be modifications, at least, or completely new engines designed for such. I think nuclear power would be very interesting, but it’s too scary still and would have to be huge to safegaurd the fuel cells.

  2. i think one of the petroleum product that is diesel can be replaced by biodiesel ,which can also solve pollution problem.
    similarly we can replace other petroleum products by some biological products

  3. Biodiesel from Jatropha.

    Ups: It’s really cheap, No replacement or modification of your existing diesel engine.
    Downs: Yet to be Commercially Available.

    There are other ethanol and oil based biodiesel variants available in some parts of the UK and the USA. But to use them, you’ve got to modify your existing diesel engine.

  4. The cost is more in the alternative fuels. Ethanol can not begin to replace gasoline. We are burning something like 9 million barrels of gasoline each day. An acre of corn can only produce about 4 to 5 barrels of ethanol. I don’t think there are enough acres in the US to meet the annual demand.

    I believe hydrogen as a fuel to burn in conventional engines is at best a break even deal. It takes as much energy to make the hydrogen as the amount of energy you get from the hydrogen.

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