the most advanced ion space thruster in operation in vacuum system “”

This is a demonstration of the most advanced ion space thruster in operation. The device uses Krypton or Xenon and has efficiency of using of the propellant above 85%. The parameters of the thrusters are: Specific Impulse ISP=10000s, Power supply 10W, Accelerating voltage 4kV, Ion beam current 2.5mA, Evfficiency of using of electrical energy about 90%, Gas Krypton, Sizes 2cmX2cmX2cm. Thrust between 2 and 4mN. I will upload soon 10min video with more information and explanations. For contacts: The inventor of this thruster is the only owner of the Intellectual Property for this technology. The development has been starting in 1995 during my studying in Engineering Physics and Quantum Mechanics and especially after reading of several special books of Quantum Mechanical Effects. The thruster does not have any signs of destruction or ion erosion after 100 hour lifetime tests. iongaspropulsion is a part of Starskite,