19 thoughts on “VASIMR Orbital Sweeper for Space Debris Removal

  1. Soft landing the Zenith on the moon would provide a large empty tank which
    would be real useful when ever man returns to the moon .Plus if a rotating
    tether was used to land the upper stage you could lift up mass and use the
    tether to build more tethers so that a small suborbital craft like space
    ship 2 could make it all the way to the moon .

  2. its from youtube library Hot heat – its for free, look at vid-making part
    of youtube you can download it there

  3. Set-up an Ad Astra’s space junk yard division providing cheap refurbish
    components to the future space travel private service companies :)

  4. i wonder how hard it would be to construct in space …ie why not make a
    module out of it or something other usefull…..considering its really
    expensive to send things into orbit

  5. hmm how that thing acctully know where to place that srb or even grab the
    junk ? Slight discrepency in weight vs thrust distribution and you have
    uncontrolable junk. And i am talking intact junk not something that is
    already damaged. That would be even worse.

  6. I’d say back to the pacific for regular space junk, and high graveyard
    orbit for satellites with historical value (Hubble, other space telescopes,
    Vanguard 1, etc…)

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