A Japanese vehicle manufacturer unveiled the prototype of a new electric motorbike carrying a hybrid magnetic motor, which can run almost noiselessly up to 180 kilometres (112 miles) on one charge. Tokyo-based Axle Corporation says that the battery of the next-generation electric vehicle motorbike can be charged at home, in the same way as a cellular phone. It takes a little over 6 hours to fully charge the battery, and the vehicle’s maximum speed is capable of reaching 150 kilometres per hour (93 miles per hour). The company says the futuristic motorbike enjoys high energy efficiency thanks to a state-of-the-art magnetic motor which is a hybrid between a electromagnet and a permanent magnet. The new motor, called SUMO, short for “super motor,” is housed inside the bike’s rear wheel. The manufacture says the new motor is seven-times more cost efficient than gas-powered scooters. Daisuke Ito, a professional racer who test rode the EV-X7 prototype, said it could potentially replace machines we now see in motor races. “I just feel that in the near future, we’ll be seeing these kinds of electric motorbikes running all around town. And when that happens, conventional vehicles could disappear from motor racing, too, and well be competing only in electric vehicles.” www.itnsource.com Reuters RTV521706
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Short extract from the Project Camelot’s interview with G. Green where he shows how to build a magnetic motor. www.projectcamelot.org www.projectcamelot.org nomorehoaxes.com

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  1. @congruent2006 Gallon of what? It’s electric. These are great! One of the few annoying things in Japan is the noisy scooter.

    But does it have a reverse gear?

  2. 1) Hold your breath.

    2) Copy all of these steps.

    3) Go to two other video.

    4) Paste it in the comments.

    If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a good pot smoker

  3. typical for japanese.. it always looks like power rangers’ stuff >.< but nice invention tough :/

  4. Perendev_magnetic_motor




  5. lmaooooo( troypeque) oh but the bike might be powered by a magnetic motor and connect to a altenator or someting

  6. @troypegue if the company had people like you that bike would be helpin men all over the world, and eco friendly :D

  7. It looks a bit like kanedas bike from akira, but very cheaply made and obviously aimed at scooter riders. Forget any sporty fun, can u imagine how bad it handles!

  8. @havermeister Nikola Tesla filed several patents based on this. The guy invented alternating current. He knew more about electricity than any of those names you mentioned.

  9. my idea is that…
    if it was real practical free energy, there would be factories churning the devices out

  10. @padagaste So how are you going to produce your “Disturbance” without adding more energy and thus defeating the whole idea of this running under it’s own power? Can’t be done! You will always need to put in more energy than produced. This is a proven and basic law of not only Physics, but Nature.

  11. Free inexhaustible energy is real!But Millions are spend in supressing that information,Check this free energy magnet motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Be the revolution!

  12. @valveman12 that may be true but you seem to completely neglect that if what you said is true all one would need for the rotor to keep spinning would be a mechanism built in to cause a more permanent disturbance

  13. Maybe this device would work if it was put on a stand, and that stand was later set on the ground in a terrible earthquake stricken country, where vibrations and slight movements never ceased to exist!

  14. Ever notice that the rotor in these “motors” is never connected to an axle? This is because it won’t work mounted on an axle. The magnets do NOTHING but hold the rotor upright. By moving the hand-held part sideways, you cause the part or the rotor which touches the table to spin along the tabletop. It just naturally starts rolling sideways so to speak. The magnets only act as an invisible string holding the rotor in place. The human is power source! I can’t believe some people don’t see this!

  15. Free Energy is real and its here! The Oil companies are doing everything in their power to stop these information. If you want a Free energy machine do a search in youtube for the LT MAGNET MOTOR , Join the revolution!

  16. mount circle of magnets on a positively charged plate of whatever. encapsulate and center negatively charged plasma or mercury in a positively charged container with a centered metal rod that is welded to the bottom plate. running wires under floorboard to connect to outside tube containing precisely mounted magnets. submerge the whole ring in ferrafluids tube, cover. let simmer. onboard computer maitains correct ratio/timing of electrical pulses. build to scale. you do the math.

  17. @SteveOfHate Most of the science required to understand the everyday world was well understood by the 1860s. Faraday conducted exhaustive experiments into the bahaviour of magnets and electricity and Maxwell translated his results into a complete mathematical theory. You don’t need multiple dimensions to explain a guy standing with a magnet in his hand. Arguably the most well confirmed law in science is conservation of energy. It is never been violated and it wasn’t violated in this video.

  18. neat e.m. waves too bad but it’s not gonna power your moms vibrator

    and you can thank the 2nd law of thermodynamics for that one!

  19. @havermeister Do you really believe that Faraday, Maxwell and Einstein did know everything? They were humans as you and me and others. I can’t understand why people praise them like gods, they were genious yes, but their theories aren’t without fails. Even Einstein’s theories can’t describe everything, 4 dimensions aren’t enough for this, scientists knew that in the 60’s. But still people are believing that science from the 40s is everything. Einstein would be spinning in his grave…

  20. great stuff, this might not be “free” energy but it is hell of efficient. Built in a big moveable cylinder with really strong magnets this would serve power. All you need is someone who slaps the outer ring to start it. you can make this working by smaller motors that won’t take much power to move the outer ring milimeters in a predefined way. The power of magnetic fields is an endless source of power, so you could call it “free” energy. Investing a bit, getting a lot. I’d love to build this big

  21. @havermeister Have you seen it with your own eyes. No. So do it yourself before flaming here with your hate driven language.

    This is a demonstration of the Vortex. The magnetic vortex is proven for overunity effect. See johnsearlstory-com

  22. again people; think out of the box; can’t you imagine having a mechanical solution for taking care of the needed movements and create a solid circuit, huh?
    this is just the abstract basic from where to start building applications.
    not so fan of g green anymore anyway, but in this case its just about what I show you in this clip: the possible application of magnetics

  23. if we could get a bunch of people to move there arms like this guy for free it would be free energy

  24. put if you permanently off center the ring of magnets and fix the spinning part to an axle of some sort, you won’t need to move your hand. it’ll just spin.

  25. The Earth being flat was not of science.
    There is no box, just what is and is not.
    This is not.
    The Earth spins because of the Conservation of Angular Momentum.
    It spins because it was born spinning.

  26. a) No, it’s moving because he’s moving his hand which creates a moving magnetic field which causes anything magnetic within’ the field to move with it.

    b) No. Conservation of Energy.

  27. You obviously know nothing of religion.
    It’s not an invisible man.
    It’s not someone who lives in the sky.
    Undereducated troll is undereducated.

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