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Fallout from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant – Richard Broinowski

Journalist, author, diplomat and Adjunct Professor from the University of Sydney, Richard Broinowski tells the story of the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant disaster. His talk looks back to the development of the Nuclear Village in Japan, including General Electric and the American state’s successful efforts to sell nuclear energy to Japan under the auspices of selling them energy self-sufficiency. Richard speaks Japanese, has lived in Japan and made many visits. He has thoroughly researched the incident and subsequent events and impacts. He is confident that Japan has, post-Fukushima, ‘turned a corner’ and notes that many Japanese prefectures are becoming less inclined to restart reactors in the wake of the Japanese people’s diminishing faith in the technology and its various safeguards. Will we see Japan embrace renewable energy production with their famous reputation for innovation and stoicism? What does the Fukushima disaster mean for the future of the nuclear power industry beyond Japanese shores? What of the Australian uranium mining industry, and its commercial viability? Richard Broinowski gave this public lecture in the Hawke Centre at the University of South Australia in February of 2012, ahead of the release of his forthcoming book on the subject.

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