Japan is set to turn off its last working reactor this weekend, leaving one of the world’s largest industrial nations without a source of nuclear energy for the first time in almost 50 years. The government has bowed to public pressure following last year’s disaster at the Fukushima power plant after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. For more on the impact of the shut-down, RT talks to James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report. RT on Twitter twitter.com RT on Facebook www.facebook.com
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  1. There are at least four types of Youtube users who may be incapable of constructing even a very simple sentence in the English language: children, the mentally impaired, the woefully uneducated, and foreigners.
    And then there are they who play the incoherent fool, thinking that this somehow imparts to them a tactical or even strategic advantage in their desperate efforts to suppress the truth.

  2. We should all be driving Tesla’s 1929 Pierce-Arrow by now. At least, if we can’t have the hovercars and vimanas.

  3. BEST ORIGAMI TUTORIALS AND BLOG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Radioactive hit for the world in the equvalant of 1000 hiroshimas half life of 240,000 years. Shut them all down men lighting the stupides buildings with shit advertising. Building the stupides things.

  5. Don’t you just HATE the energy barons, & crooked politicians for burying future technology from the rest of us? It makes me RAGE GRRRR!!!

  6. Don’t you just HATE the energy barons, & crooked politicians from burying future technology from the rest of us? It makes me RAGE GRRRR!!!

  7. Thank you, same goes to you.
    yeah, keep in mind though that not all the information is correct, but there is certainly questions which will come to your mind.
    Anyway, I actually prefer somewhere natural too compared to a city (London), where it’s full of idiots with no ‘inner sense’ of their surrounding. Majority of people are so depressing over here.

  8. And we are so close. We have Beardon’s site, but anyone working the problem is always using solid state electronics. We know that tubes keep more of the scalar energy. We know Tesla built his power box for the Pierce-Arrow from 1928 era standard components, Vacuum Tubes. We also know he reduced the size of that box into the glove compartment by 1936, Probably because of his open ended vacuum tube patent. But I don’t know anything about vacuum tube electronics. Its almost a lost art.

  9. You make me feel so much better! I don’t really remember the day either. It was no real “revelation”, more like a little series of louder and louder snoozers. i will check out ‘The Arrivals’. I still think I might have to go to a mountain top, though. I think they will be much easier to love from a distance. :-)

  10. Why, if even one awakens, they would be very glad someone helped them out, as I sure would if I was in their place, which I luckily am not.
    I agree, it is quite hard to love them, honestly.
    Hmm, I can’t explicitly remember when I ‘woke up’ and realised there is something wrong, but I definitely remember the tons of documentaries and nights I was awake, researching diferent sources and trying to comprehend the real image. One quite informative video, but not all correct was called ‘The Arrivals’.

  11. And forget 500. LOVE these people? Not in this lifetime. Well, probably not this lifetime… One never knows, and all is possible. 300 just kind of “popped” into me, after a decade or so of study. Kinda like Jim Carrey becoming an “overnight success” after 10 years of trying…

  12. Thanks. Every once in a while I get answers that mean something, like this one. Its not so much the ignorance, or the arrogance that gets to me, its the combination of the two. Its a hard task this consciousness level 400.i know I’m 300 because I can see things from a higher perspective. I can truly understand both sides. Thus 300, neutral. Its level 400, caring that gets me.I can understand the willful ignorance, knowing not what they do. But to CARE about those doing the willful harm? Not yet.

  13. Obviously I was talking about nuclear weapons,since you claim nuclear power is the best thing ever.Then you replied disagreeing with my comment so I inferred you were talking about the same thing.Besides,even nuclear reactors are dangerous.Have you learned nothing from the earthquake Japan had?Do you really think all that radiation will benefit anyone?About the 2 bombs in WWII,they still did pretty scary damage.It doesn’t change the fact that nukes are larger and even more dangerous today.

  14. The surplus of energy is also not due to “geothermal” energy. It’s due to natural gas prices being at an all-time low right now. However, that’s poised to change, as anyone who knows how erratic the NG market is will tell you.

  15. That doesn’t mean it’s cheap to access. I know it’s hard to believe but energy projects require resources and money to build. Maybe that’s why solar farms spanning the size of entire deserts haven’t happened yet??

  16. wonder how long until a new ‘safer’ plant will be built……

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