Historic Seismic Activity: 1850-2007
fission power
Image by Idaho National Laboratory

Japan nuclear crisis goes global
Radiation is spreading around the world as a small nuclear wasteland grows near the heart of Japan. The desperate struggle to restart the crippled reactors’ own cooling systems in order to bring them under control is producing little to no results, and is shrouded in uncertainties.
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Researchers Discover The Cause Of Irradiation-Induced Instability In Materials Surfaces
Key insight may help nuclear industry advance clean fusion power A new discovery about the dynamic impact of individual energetic particles into a solid surface improves our ability to predict surface stability or instability of materials under irradiation over time. The finding may lead to the design of improved structural materials for nuclear fission and fusion power plants, which must …
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Governments must pay for clean-energy innovation
The current obsession with nuclear power is a red herring, says Marty Hoffert. The United States and others should instead invest in a clean-energy revolution.
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