Leaders of some of the world’s richest countries are heading to Japan for their annual meeting. This year’s G8 summit will focus on African development issues, skyrocketing fuel prices and the possibility of worldwide economic recession. Japan think part of the solution to the rising cost of fuel, and a way to reduce green house emissions, is nuclear energy. Paul Allen reports.

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  1. Plutonium only good for making bombs?
    “PUREX (PlutoniumURanium EXtraction) reprocesses spent nuclear fuel to extract uranium and plutonium to form a mixed oxide (MOX) fuel for reuse in nuclear reactors. Weapons grade plutonium can be added to the fuel mix.”
    “as of 2003 there were somewhere between 50 and 100 plutonium-powered pacemakers”
    “Plutonium-238 mixed with beryllium is used to generate neutrons for research purposes.”

    Bad newscaster, bad. And the above is just the stuff I skimmed over.

  2. also, 99% of waste can be recycled into more fuel, and the stuff left over turns into lead after about 100 years, rather then 100,000 for unrecycled fuel.

  3. problem is simple…use nuclear fission powerplants until nuclear fusion is viable.

  4. I never understand why people think burning plutonium as fuel is more dangerous than storing tons of it in piles. Its the piles of plutonium that i worry about, not people at the power plant trying to steal power plant grade plutonium-uranium oxide….

    Who cares if a terrorist gets his hands on some fuel grade PuMOX. he’ll be able to power his PuMOX powered AK 47 laser rifle cannon.

  5. if we were to use wind, sun and waves we would not have enough energy to do shit in the world.
    and in addition nuclear energy is the cleanest form of energy today so i don’t really know why we aren’t suppose to use it.

  6. Sure, they are all good as long as you pay for them all. NOT FROM MY PCOKET! We can build some good old coal power plant if you don’t want to pay for them.

  7. Harness the wind, the sun and the waves,

  8. Japan’s first MOX plant is yet to come on line, and may never come on line due to stern public opposition

  9. This video is totally misleading. Some of the most obvious “errors”:
    -a third of Japon’s electricity comes from nuclear power (and not of total energy, the difference is cars’ gas, housing heating…)
    -Correct, Plutonium is a product of the reprocessing. But it is used by Japon to make MOX fuels assemblies, that are then used in Japon’power plants.

  10. This is great news for Japan, the more they depend on clean nuclear energy the less they depend on fossil fuels.

  11. Actually Nuclear is the best option, because it can generate huge amount of base-load power, that only hydro and geothermal can compete without being limited to a few locations. Also countries that already have low emission like France, Finland and Sweden depend heavily on nuclear as result they also have the cleanest air in the industrialized world.

  12. oh yeah, that’s right. shame on me for not using my college degree on that one….thanx.

  13. Nuclear is not the best option because a lot of radioactive waste is produced. If you get contaminated you won’t get super powers you’ll die.

    Best option is to use not just nuclear but also solar energy, wind power, geo-thermal, hydro dams, ocean current harnessing turbines, and all the others in combination. Depending on one source is foolish.

  14. Japan most certainly has the know how to build a nuclear bomb but I doubt that the populous would allow the government and military to do so.

    You can’t also forget that the United States has military forces in Japan.

  15. The critical mass of plutonium is slightly over five kilograms so the ninty thousand kilograms mentioned here is sufficient for building about 18,000 bombs.

  16. why the heck are we constantly pickin chicken fights with Abajamadeenabajadoooo in Iran when here is a country that blatantly has barrels and barrels of glowing green stuff (plutonium) that could turn us into crispy treats? man, would someone please impeach that white trash Nazi Bush? please?

  17. japan is a smart country, low crime rate, quality education, low unemployment and low birth rates because having too many kids is stupid. and most of all, huge technological contribution to the world.

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