Nuclear Regulatory Commission
by davidsilver

Question by kittycat: Why bury Japanese reactors in sand?
Who are these people, who suggest burying red-hot nuclear reactors in sand? The Three Stooges?

Anyone, who knows anything, about sand, in the presence of intense heat, such as a broken down Nuclear plant, should know what happens to sand, when it is heated.

Doesn’t the Nuclear Regulatory Commission know that super-heated sand turns to GLASS?

Any optician can confirm that this is how corrective glasses are made.

Why dont the experts know this?

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Answer by Easter Egg
out of sight, out of wind.

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  1. Perhaps if you told us why the sand turning to glass is a problem. I think that it’s a wonderful idea, if it keeps the radioactive plume from spreading further.

  2. The sand is just the carrier…it will be mixed with lead and a rare earth, I can’t recall which one. If your options are limited, you do what can be done.

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