Any ideas as to what’s going on with Russian bombers? (see link below under “Society and Others”) – and Good for the governor of Niigata prefecture for not jumping in bed with TEPCO! For more information on nuclear plants worldwide, please see below: Arnie and Maggie Gundersen/Fairewinds Associates (Mr. Gundersen, a nuclear engineer and a former nuclear industry executive, is an unequalled US expert on nuclear energy and nuclear industry problems): Websites recommended by Arnold Gundersen: Nuclear Regulatory Commission daily reports (what’s happening at nuclear plants near you): Fukushima links (Fukushima Daiichi live and a youtube compressed version): Check out koizuka77 channel to get a feel as to what’s going on in Japan and how the Japanese public deals with the disaster: Weather (radiation flow) from Fukushima: News and Updates: SACE Bellefonte Nuclear Plant (Alabama, UNITED STATES, constructed/operated by Tennessee Valley Authority) Arnie Gundersen’s Report of 08/09/2011 is available on: TVA’s Board of Directors responsible for the plant’s
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  1. “Vladimir Putin, it’s all been planned by these sociopaths of this satanic New
    World Order headed by such people as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, George
    Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Maurice Strong, and Henry Kissinger. They have
    been pushing this depopulation agenda for a long time and are connected with the
    ungodly Illuminati, Masons, Satanists and Luciferians. Come out from them so as
    not to be judged with them.”

  2. “Well, now we see this radium poison coming out of the reactors in Japan going
    into the air, water, and the ground. It’s going to cause deformities and deaths
    of millions of unborn babies in Japan and many millions more all across this
    whole Earth, eventually causing billions of people, men, women, and children to
    be affected by this radium poisoning.

  3. Hmmm… I don’t know why… But whatever it is. I just pray that won’t elite humanity… I don’t support war. Coz this only means loosing more life’s. I don’t have the right to say against Japan or Russian. For who really knows the truth. Take care everyone.

  4. bullshit news. If they didn’t violate any airspace they can fly any place they want. The Russians were just counting whale hunters.

  5. wake up, it is not 19th century, russia won’t attack anyone first, and of course we don’t need europe. look at the map, we have enough area for hundreds years ahead

  6. no wonder there are russian bombers in uk space patroling the area, first you involved them to the arab war and got them to the crisis they have, and now you are placing your anti-rocket systems all around russia, what reaction did u expect?

  7. i can’t get whether youre brainwashed, or just pretending. what stolen jobs and tech are u talking about? we have all the techs and industries we need, and how the hell can we steal a job? yes u have a ton of immigrants from everywhere which happen to be a problem, even your government mentioned it, but u can’t do anything because ure trying to comply with your democracy status.

  8. steal? seriously? so what exactly did we steal? unlike you, americans, we help our neighbor countries, but everything YOU can do is spread chaos around the world saying about your pseudo-democracy which the world is sick of. and what western countries did we ruin, ah? as long as i know, YOU destroyed Yougoslavia. nobody believes you anymore, too much lie has been said

  9. you’re fool, we don’t want a war with japan, we were helping them during the catastrophe, would we do that if we wished them to die? No, because we love japan

  10. more likely they were testing reaction times from the Japs, how quick they are able to scramble an intercept, they’ve been testing the UK many times over the past few years, what for? Who knows.

  11. If your reactors are next to the ocean, don’t restart them. Cool the fuel and move it to higher ground. Please!


  13. Were these Russian planes not rightfully checking radiation levels by flying around the Japanese Islands, being careful not to violate Japanese air space to perhaps confirm the dangerous levels of radiation reported? Really should we not all, as nations, pool our resources to find a solution to the Fukushima Nuclear crisis? We are talking World Wide Radiation Contamination, are we not? Is Japan not a prideful nation that may not concede they have a problem out of control and not ask for help?

  14. What if they were testing for radiation? The Russians are pretty good with nuclear stuff. It could be completely benign.

  15. i think that the aussies would be attacked first as the u.s satelites for its defences and its offences are all here in the deserts… under australia is the biggest uranium stock in it natural form on the planet, if 1 nuke lands in that area it could be enough to trigger a chain reaction throughout the country, lets see what happens, i wish all this was a mere nightmare then the actual reality that it is

  16. Im not for for any of that. Our president is a damned fool. He wants to send billions of dollars to N.Korea, when we have people that are hungry here. You are right about total war, but being an Aussie, you are the only ones who would survive.

  17. maybe it is maybe its not an “ally”, i have not made my opinion yet, maybe after i see more evidence. but i know that japan is about to send navy ships to help the yanks in controlling the trait of hormuz, they also helped the u.s implement ACTA. i guess we will not know until it all breaks out in total war!

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