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Question by : What is your opinion on using nuclear energy for decreasing our dependency on petroleum?
My Chemistry professor wants us to write an essay on this topic but I don’t understand. He didn’t explain much of this. Is there any bad effects that come with decreasing our dependency on petroleum for Nuclear energy? Please explain to me someone..thank you. >.< Best answer:

Answer by mariskalen kampf Strudl v.Wurst!
You can start your essay by saying that “Nuclear power as we know it, is neither cheap, nor plentiful, nor safe, nor clean.”

All nuclear plants are non-fail-safe, because radioactivity is a natural process, while keeping a reactor cool is a man-made one which is bound to fail sooner or later.

If we want to reduce our dependency on petroleum, we can do it by installing wind farms. There is enough eolic (wind) energy to go around the world, several times over.

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