8 thoughts on “12 Volt Solar Panels

  1. I am connecting 4 100w/6a solar panels on my RV; and, want to run a single
    14/2 wire to my batter bank. I am using 14g wire to place my panels in the
    roof top series, but, what gauge should I use to run the connected panels
    to my charge controller? Should I run each panel separately to the

  2. No one talks about how difficult it is to find suitable cables to connect
    all of this. I’m not talking about the solar panel cables. I’m talking
    about how to go from the charge controller to the battery. Where the hell
    do you find this stuff. Radio Shack is useless and sells you crap. You can
    spend 20 here and 20 there on crap to no avail. 

  3. I can’t see a damn thing. 2013, and this guy uploads in 240p. Trying to
    teach people things about solar power and he’s recording shit with a
    fucking potato. (-1 : 1) I can’t believe nobody gave you a thumbs down for
    this shit. Let me be the first. Not even going to listen to a minute of
    this shit. Why would I listen to your video when you can’t even afford a
    decent camera?

  4. i knew there was going to be a short circuit 10:15 or other dangerous
    problem in this video as soon as i heard him at 4:24 making that wrong
    statement… any voltage is dangerous if it can produce 0.2 amps across
    your moist hands or arms and through your chest, not just from burns like
    he says :)

  5. with the 12volt solar panel how long the battery charging could take? and
    how many appliances can 12volt solar panel can power in whole day of

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