23 thoughts on “How do solar panels create electricity?

  1. It didn’t answer the question… HOW do solar panels create electricity?
    The inane answers I’m finding are getting annoying. “You put a panel in
    sunlight and electricity comes out…” Are these people idiots?

    At the simplest level, solar panels create electricity when an incoming
    photon knocks an electron free in a negatively charged layer of the panel.
    The electron is guided by a conductive layer to a wire that moves it to a
    place where it can do “work” (lighting a bulb for example). It then
    continues its journey by wire back to the other side of the panel that has
    a positive charge, which attracts the electron. There is a potential
    (electrical) difference between two different layers separated by an
    insulator. It meets up with a carrier molecule that can move it, through
    the insulator, back to the negatively charged side whereupon it is ready to
    be sent around the circuit again by another photon hitting it.

    I need more detail and these clowns are wasting my time… Arg!

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  3. This is good news. Yes, the panels of today might not be very efficient.
    However, as it is being use more often in many homes or countries, there
    will be a continuous development making it more efficient than what they
    are today. Take for instance computers, in the 60s computers were as big as
    a house while performing very slow. Look at computers today, they’re thin,
    portable, every efficient and extremely fast. I see solar energy
    development in the same way.

  4. 400 panels is easily enough to power 35 homes if they are 190 watt panels.
    He got his figures muddled up for sure.

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