25 thoughts on “Solar Panel Ground and Roof Mount Pros & Cons

  1. I just put my snow blower away.
    Dude… I got cold just watching this… I think I’ll stay here :)

  2. Have you thought about when it is time to retrieve your excess energy? Are
    you planning on keeping track of the amount and at some point switching off
    the solar array and using your stored electricity from the utility company?

  3. I really like your new home better than the most beautiful one because this
    one is more cozy and easier maintenance
    Here is God’s word for you from the HOLY SPIRIT.
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the
    LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. KJV
    God bless you and family always. PEACE.

  4. Currious – What kind of batteries did you use and how many? Also how much
    does your power company pay you per kWh? Thanks

  5. Wow, your panels are much more efficient in low light than mine. On a
    cloudy day with a 4.8kw system I get 0.1 kw/h ouput. Like someone said
    earlier Id be careful about brushing the solar panels over a few years they
    will scratch, bit by bit, imperceptibly, but at some point they will have
    become dull – snow blower sounds a good idea ! Today was a great day for
    me, my solar company said I’d produce 4,971 kw/h in 1 year when they sold
    the system to me. In about 15 minutes time my counter will tick up to
    4,971 – an amazing 2 and half months ahead of schedule! ( and yes, it has
    turned me into geek) 

  6. Here in Baltimore, our panels generate even during the common rain storms.
    It’s foolish more don’t install solar…their investment will payoff better
    than any bank or stocks!!!

  7. if you added plexiglass panels hinged at the bottom of the array, you could
    then flip them to almost vertical and the snow would just slide off

  8. Why didn’t you build the solar aray closer to your house? Your house would
    provide a wind break.

  9. For the type of videos you produce and share…..you are my favorite and I
    wanted you to know how much they are appreciated. We hope to move to Idaho
    someday soon, once we figure out how to make a living up there in my career
    field…your videos are really going to help us …..thanks David.

  10. Brushing your panels off with a broom will scratch them little by little
    and over time they will loose efficiency. you might be able to put a
    defrost system on your panels to prevent build up. I would consider other
    possibilities before so you can prevent damage to your panels.

  11. What great videos you’re putting up. I am in the middle of my design stage
    as I’m building the homestead. Thanks so much!. 

  12. One added benefit of roof mount is the large shade effect over your roof.
    It is shielding the roof from massive solar gain thus leading to reduced
    Attic temps during summer.

  13. Love your videos but there is some serious financial aspects to this that
    the average joe wouldn’t be able to accommodate. Any cost data for this
    kind of set-up?

  14. LDS, I believe that the easiest mess, (even snow) to cleanup is the one
    that can not be created. could you build something like a sheetrock tilt
    and extend unit that is used to load, tilt to horizontal and raise drywall
    to a ceiling to instesd work just the oppisite. that is instead of drwall,
    ust sheets of maybe plywood with a plastic cover that would store paralled
    to the earth behind your array and be cranked over your array to keep the
    snow off. the in use angle would be the same as your array. I would setup
    the unit to stop a safe distance from the collector serface. you may also
    add flip down 90 degree lips to help complete the snow blockage and stop
    snow getting under the cover and onto the collectors. also even the
    snowflakes that are sent air born by a snowblower can get sucked in to the
    intake and become high speed projectles that could damage your array.thank
    you again fore sharing.

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the great videos. Are you ever going to to a video showing the
    components inside the house and the new battery bank? 

  16. Leaf blower will blow the snow off faster than any other device. Just a
    thought. That’s what I use if we get a dusting..

  17. Really interesting. If you got the space it does make sense to have a
    ground mounted system for ease of maintenance. Looking forward to seeing
    your hoop house videos. You are doing a two layered hoop house I believe?

  18. David, you might ask Trevor, at Big Dog, if you are allowed to use a
    solution of half vinegar and half water to clean off your panels…. This
    solution works great at getting ice off of car windshields in the

  19. I do want to mention with roof mounts there is an option available for
    heaters that melt snow of the panels. And with a little bit bigger ladder
    spring them down wouldn’t be to bad here and there. 

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