Question by : What is wrong with putting wind turbines on hybrid vehicles?
See, here’s the thing. Hybrid cars only really work in city traffic where you use the break a lot. On the highway, they run mostly on gas. So why don’t they put wind turbines on it so the air rushing past at 70 mph helps charge the battery? Ignore the obvious aesthetics issues, I am sure they could make a sexy looking design.

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Answer by jonboy2five
the aerodynamics of a wind turbine on a car would create excessive drag and negate the mileage of the hybrid vehicle. it would require more power than it produced…

remember, natural wind is “free”, but a cars speed is NOT.

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  1. so you wanted to put another equipment on the car which will increase the cost of that car causing the people not to be able to afford buying it. what is the cost of the wind turbine? by the time the car was taken out of the dealership the cost already depreciates. a lot of ideas are already in place but the cost should fit a middle class people. using water to replace the gas is already in place as well, but the equipment that is used to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water cost ten times as the car not to mention the storage for both hydrogen and oxygen that separated. Solar power is the only promising option for now.

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