Toyota Unveils ‘Game Changer’ Hydrogen-Powered Car!

The Toyota Mirai (From mirai (未来), Japanese for “future”) is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to be sold commercially. Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cycle, the 2016 model year Mirai has a total range of 502 km (312 mi) on a full tank, with a combined city/highway […]

Wood gas generator, gasifier gasification from The Colony

If you watched The Colony season 1 from the Discovery Channel you will remember that they powered a small engine from the fumes of heated wood.  Is it possible? what’s your opinion? In this video, John the scientist explains how he is going to create a gassifier. skip to 7:39 if you like. PART ONE […]

Barataria Bay Oil Spill, Tugboat collision causes 20 foot tall geyser!

Oil spewing into air at Plaquemines Parish After Being Hit By Tugboat NEW ORLEANS – (AP) Oil is spewing from a damaged well north of a bay where officials have been fighting the spill from the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast Guard says a tow boat called Pere Ana C. hit […]

India Oil Spill, Chitra & Khalijia Collide! (photos)

MUMBAI, India (AP) — Indian coast guard vessels and helicopters worked Monday to contain oil spilling from a stricken container ship that collided with another vessel in the Arabian Sea, India’s defense ministry said. The Panamanian-registered MSC Chitra smashed into the St. Kitts-registered MV-Khalijia-II on Saturday near Mumbai’s Jawahar Lal Nehru port. The accident caused […]

US Taxpayers may foot 10 BILLION dollar BP oil spill bill!

So, the clean-up of BP’s Gulf oil spill may cost U.S. taxpayers after all. President Obama has insisted BP would bear the entire cost of cleaning up the spill and making the injured business and wildlife whole again. And yet BP said today it plans to claim $9.9 billion in U.S. tax credits based on […]

7 Toxic chemicals in seafood you may NOT have heard about.

uPBDEs: Flame Retardants PBDEs, a common flame retardant, have been detected in various fish across the West Coast in the United States. A 2006 report from the Environmental Working Group uncovered the flame retardant in Washington rivers and lakes. From 1997 to 2003, levels of PBDEs (prolybrominated diphenyl ethers) doubled in San Francisco Bay fish, […]

Washington Response: We will not slack-off in Gulf oil cleanup

Washington vows no slack-off in Gulf oil cleanup Gulf Coast beaches and fisheries are reopening after the BP oil spill as optimism grows for a final kill of the blown-out well this month, the top U.S. spill response official said on Sunday. Read more on Reuters via Yahoo! News     Washington vows no slack-off […]

Video of underwater Top Kill operation at BP oil spill site

BP is running tests and expected to decide shortly if it will go ahead with an effort to choke off its oil gusher by force-feeding it heavy drilling mud and cement. “Top kill’ is an operation in which heavy mud and cement would be shot into the blown-out well to plug it up. The oil […]


Check out these STEAM POWERED GENERATOR images: Generator with open commutator Image by Terry Wha Bristle With The Energy Image by Mike_tn Bristle With The Energy 2 Image by Mike_tn

Oahu wind farm breaks ground on North Shore, Hawaii Wind Power!

Reported by: Gina Mangieri Email: Last Update: 6/10 8:33 pm   The North Shore of Oahu is about to have a new power plant – a clean power plant that generates 30 megawatts of electricity from wind. The Kahuku project will generate enough electricity to power nearly about 7,700 homes a year. "To be […]

10 things you didn’t know about BP and the oil spill (but should know)

This fact sheet was created on May 30, 2010 (about 2 months after the explosion) and any and all facts in this sheet (barrels per day, money made/lost, etc) is/was accurate at the time of writing this. How the owner of the exploded oil rig has made $270 million off the disaster, and nine other […]

Rare, media suppressed photos from the BP oil spill GLOBAL disaster

Rarely Seen Pictures Of The Devastating Consequences Of The BP Disaster A pod of Bottlenose dolphins swim under the oily water Chandeleur Sound, Louisiana, Thursday, May 6, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) # This is a photo of a dolphin pulled from the gulf.  All oceanic lifeforms will die in the […]