How does burning fossil fuels create climate change?

Greenhouse pollutants

Natural greenhouse effect versus man made greenhouse effect and global warming. Learn the basics about climate change and how burning fossil fuels adds extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and how this then leads to climate change. Fossil fuels, like oil, coal and natural gas, are the remains of living things from millions of […]

What is air pollution, where does it come from and what can we do about it?

Learn how greenhouse gasses, smog, and toxic pollutants effect climate change, and human health What is air pollution? How do greenhouse gases, smog, and toxic pollutants affect climate change, and human health. Interesting video from the National Geographic. Air pollution consists of chemicalsor particles in the atmosphere, that pose serioushealth and environmental threats.But what causes air pollution?And what does it mean for our planet?Some air pollution comes from […]