The world needs a new source of energy; one that is continuous, plentiful, inexpensive, safe and unspillable

Low energy LED grow lights

Yoga Shakti – Yoga Exercises – Surya Chandra Bhastrika Pranayam – Meditation – Energy Conservation

Conserving energy within the body is the single best method of fighting both mental and physical problems. Surya Chandra Bhastrika Pranayam helps in storing positive energy within the body and remove negativity. The exercise has been prescribed by Yogacharya Shri Avnish Tiwari. Subscribe NOW to get daily updates on many such useful videos and At-Home Tips www.youtube.com

Coming together to strengthen the cause they had committed to, 90 MISS EARTH eco-beauties from all over the globe shall be taking a special step to deepen their dedication towards a renewed earth. “Since its inception, MISS EARTH has been one of the most influential platforms in addressing the Earth’s degradation through its delegates and eventual winners. The steps taken by every country towards the green direction has greatly increased throughout the years, and the time to heed the call for environmental awakening has never been more urgent. Our beautiful eco-warriors will be one voice in proclaiming their commitment for Earth’s restoration,” expressed Lorraine Schuck, Executive Vice-President of Carousel Productions. “The relevant activities to be carried out by MISS EARTH FOUNDATION under Executive Director Cathy Untalan and the MISS EARTH delegates include the Environmental Seminar which will talk about renewable energy, energy efficiency, efforts to increase access to lighting and other environmental initiatives,” explained Ramon Monzon, President of Carousel. He also said that the delegates will be participating in Clean Air Campaigns through the Tour of the Fireflies, an annual gathering of more than 10000 bikers to demand for bike lanes and to promote non-motorized means of transportation. The “Walk with ME (Mother Earth)” is a walkathon where the candidates will promote walking for better health and to reduce emissions while distributing indigenous seedlings to