Today’s guest, David Blume has been hard at work trying to undo decades worth of Big Oil’s propaganda on fuel and energy. He reveals the true motive behind a…

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  1. this show could change the world!
    free us from being slaves!
    Stop the destruction of our beautiful planet!
    most amazing truth I ever fucking heard!

  2. Thanks for this great interview.
    A must listen for anyone interested in alternative energy.

  3. It’s hard not to get pissed off when you hear things like this.The elite
    scumbags couldn’t care less about the future of our children or the health
    of our planet, the only time they even acknowledge the existence of the two
    is when they’re raping them.

  4. Wonderful episode, Greg!!
    David Blume is a true eco-warrior hailing back to the days of Mother Earth
    News and the Whole Earth Catalog. Set up your own fermentation plant and
    still, start at home folks and keep the spirit of independence alive while
    we still have a chance.

  5. All around a Refreshing perspective on allot of subjects, thanks for
    sharing this knowledge.
    Good interview work Greg.

  6. Great show. Sucks some of your best get the least views. Hope you do more
    of these rather than far out paranormal because they get more views from
    the loons.

  7. David Blume | The Alcohol Conspiracy & The Road Map To Energy Independence 

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