A source says oil giant BP has agreed to pay the largest criminal penalty in U.S. history, totaling billions of dollars, for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf o…

Markey on BP Oil Spill Settlement They Lied to America …. Thank you Congressman Markey for holding BP accountable Thank you for helping to expose the truth Thank you for your determination your wisdom your relentless pursuit of proving that a corrupt corporation like BP can and must be held responsible for their actions The Gulf is my heart Ive lived here all my life I fear it will never recover from this certainly not in my lifetime I fear the yet unknown consequences But thanks to you BP Kaluza and

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  1. Picture BP throwing money at all the dead wildlife …FwAp. Then to the dead people..open the caskets we are going to correct this..THUD. close it up boys this debt be paid in full. to all those who had to leave or effected…What? what do you want. All the Fine money going to big Government CaaChinggg. We good? Can I go back to pilfering the earth now?, I have some pricing signs to rewrite, this fine ain’t gonna get paid by itself. Good doing business with you. Government replies you too.

  2. They failed to mention how people were forced to move out of their home because of the spill… Thousands literally had to move out of the area…

  3. Oh poor poor BP. These lying thieving Bush&Dick Republican Monsters – still make $10Billion per Quarter, pay no taxes, get subsidies, and blatantly rob drivers at the gas pumps by charging $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon. Gas should be $0.25 per gallon! 11 Deepwater Horizon workers were killed from the explosion. Many suicides related to BP’s destruction of their Way of Life along the Gulf Coast has gone unaddressed. ‘They Took His Life Away’, is my meager attempt to honor one fallen fisherman! Sad!

  4. NB This $ 4.5 Billion fine is far less than BP’s net profit just for 3rd qtr 2012 of $ 7.54 B. Worse still, this fine ::may :: be tax-deductible to BP? The mind reels. Louisiana Senator Landrieu asked about this on 10/9/12; see her press clips. How many billions more will it cost for long-term illnesses, toxic enviro and sea dead zones, devastating business losses, suicides? $ 4.5 billion price tag for health of Gulf Of Mexico? Yeah, ya gotta keep that SUV running, after all. #blacktide

  5. Negligence that lead to 11 dead people in an act of eco-terrorism that will take centuries to even out, then “cleaned it up” with halliburtons patented chemical that essentially just makes it heavier than water so it sinks to the bottom of the ocean, because “cleaning up” obviously means “hiding out of sight”.

    Let them be judged by a jury of their peers.

  6. BP made their most of their losses back selling massive amounts of old warehoused and new Core-exit oil dispersant to themselves. Nalco Corp based in Chicago is the Core-exit manufacturer; it is owned by BP’s owners and major investors; Blackstone, Warren Buffet, etc.. Russia’s Vladimir Putin just bought almost half of BP recently.

  7. It’s far from over so how can a civil settlement with BP be reached at this time? A new crude oil slick 1 mile long was just re-discovered by the US Coast Guard at the Macondo 252 well site! They were doing exploratory fissure drilling and ripped unclosable holes and fractures in the sea floor adjoining a massive subterranean salt dome. The crude oil is still flowing!

  8. Think about it, why are they just settling this disaster years later?
    They had to build their already overflowing cash coffers with new profits (theft) from gouging gas prices the last 2-3 years. WE pay for everything and THEY spend like it’s theirs!

  9. Load of Mess. How many people have died and are chronically sick from this. How about the decimated animals and marine life? How do you put a price tag on altering the gulf stream? I mean seriously? Oh Yeah just write a check and business as usual.

  10. …’BP has agreed to pay’ aha! lets see how this works for a common person! BP should be shut down and burried in hell (texas).

  11. lots of pressure is to be put on ancient organic matter to turn it into oil….organic can be anything from trees to ancient living things that were once in water….the oil bp is interested in is that one gets from the fishes and stuff that used to live once in the ocean and got burried under the sea bed after their death because of some volcanic eruption ..oil is a limited asset to human race..all the oil is what once used to be flesh and bones…

  12. It’s not at all. I think he’s joking :) (It was a common joke at the time of the spill)

  13. Interesting. I have heard some people argue that the US revolution was satanic/anti-christian (Romans 13:2). I am not a christian and have no strong opinion about the morality of the rebellion.

    Why do you think the American Revolution was unreasonable? Is this a common European opinion? You can Private Message me if you want.

  14. throwing money at the problem, slaps on the wrist, and spraying corexit isn’t going to solve the problem, they have helped to destroy the earth, only devils would do and allow this…

  15. Maybe if the British hadn’t been greedy asshats the colonies wouldn’t have rebelled. You want India to pay as well?

  16. Revelation 11

    These men have power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want.

  17. Did you for get the one at yellowstone :) dont mess with me Ill say it again.

  18. Thank you, Congressman Markey, for holding BP accountable. Thank you for helping to expose the truth. Thank you for your determination, your wisdom, your relentless pursuit of proving that a corrupt corporation like BP can and must be held responsible for their actions. The Gulf is my heart; I’ve lived here all my life. I fear it will never recover from this; certainly not in my lifetime. I fear the yet unknown consequences. But thanks to you — BP, Kaluza and Vidrine didn’t walk.

  19. You stayed with us, Congressman Markey, and we will never forget you for all that you have done. Many thanks to you from the families of the Gulf. You have been a champion of truth and a true protector of the people, exemplary of the great statesman that you most certainly are.

  20. Dear Congressman Markey,
    My husband is from your area and I am from the Gulf. We live on the Gulf of Mexico and follow you and your work closely. Since the spill I have been very ill. I can not explain how much it means to us that you are working so hard to keep the truth at hand.

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