News Update: BP fallout could last for years, Globe and Mail reports

With its reputation and stock price both devastated, the Globe and Mail says the fallout for BP (BP) is likely to last for years. The company’s “static kill”…
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Engineers from BP claim the new “Static Kill” program will work to permanently seal the well which first started gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico over thr…
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Q&A: How can I get rid of Poison Ivy (the plant)….??

Question by Lady Harley99: How can I get rid of Poison Ivy (the plant)….??
I have this blueberry bush that has Poison Ivy growing up in the middle of it… if you want to see it… I took a picture of it yesterday…

PROBLEM is, I am HIGHLY allergic to Poison Ivy!!
And it’s wrapped around the blueberry bush that, I’m afraid to have my hubby put something on it… don’t want it to kill the blueberry bush AND / or don’t want anything to “taint” our blueberries!

Oh, I didn’t pick any blueberries this year because of this Poison Ivy!!! So, any (good) help you can give will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks, LH99 :o)

Best answer:

Answer by woodlands127
I would hire someone to come and get rid of it – I’m very allergic too, and it’s just not worth messing around with. Yes, you might lose the blueberry bush too, but are you absolutely positive you could clean them well enough to be safe to eat? Poison Ivy…what was God thinking when he came up with that?!?

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Where should i get a tattoo of my brothers name(Male)?

Question by Joe: Where should i get a tattoo of my brothers name(Male)?
He was killed in Iraq 3 years ago and now that i am 18 i want to get a tattoo to always remember him and what he died for. I was thinking possibly forearm or my chest right above my heart, suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by LMFAO
On your upper back

Sorry for your loss.

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I have thick curly hair and looking for a good scene hair style.?

Question by Dustin W: I have thick curly hair and looking for a good scene hair style.?
my hair is a dark brown. Thinking about dying my hair to black. Also, is there a way to straighten really curly hair, iv been using strong conditioner for a while, it worked a little but my hair is still thick and curly.

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Answer by Bonquiqui Shaboomboom
the only thing i recommend is
DONT GET TINY CHOPPY LAYERS!!! because its HELL when you have thick curly hair and you have layers/scene layers. your hair poofs up and its a giant frizz ball! trust me.
dont go for the scene look
so played out
dont die it black
leave it
people would kill for thick curly hair

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Clinton calls withdrawal of troops from Iraq ‘top priority’?

Question by TOOTAl2: Clinton calls withdrawal of troops from Iraq ‘top priority’?
Why does Clinton want to pull the troops out of iraq right away and risk an unstable middle east. and have the price of oil go way up. Only 2 troops were killed in iraq last month. So why would they take this risk?

is it because they hate bush?

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Answer by Phil
Let us go to how the war began. It started by selling lies to us that Saddam has WMD’s. Those were never found. Then if you follow the media news over last 4 years, you will see that the face of the enemy was changed every 2-3 months. For a few days it was WMD’s, then Saddam, then his Sons, then Abu-Musab something, then Muqtada Al-Sadr, then elections, then stability, then democracy etc etc and now sectarian voilence ….and another one is “Baghdad Crackdown”. Each face of the enemy suggesting that once this is over everything is going to be normal. These faces given to the enemy are nothing but to hijack the minds of the public, to divert from the fact that NOT A SINGLE IRAQI wants America there. We should just put in our minds and think where do these so called “terrorists” enter into Iraq from? They are born everyday within Iraq. What would a single person whose whole family is killed in a raid and he/she is left alone? God forbid, if I were that person, I will become a suicide bomber and kill a few soldiers who were responsible for the raid. This has what been happenning since the war started. The war killed more innocent Iraqi’s in 4 years than what 10 Saddams would have killed in 50 years.
Good that atleast now the troops being called back is looked at with top priority. Atleast another few thousands of lives will be saved now

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University of Arkansas Presents: Experts to Explore the Causes and Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster With Co-Hosts: Ashok Saxena, Dean of the College of Engineering and Bob McMath, Dean of the Honors College With Panel Guests: Ralph E. Martin, Founder of PetroFac Inc. Marty Matlock, Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Stephen M. Sheppard, Professor of Law
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CNN Reports BP Gulf Oil Spill Well Permantently Capped With Static Kill

CNN is reporting that BP and the federal government say that the BP Gulf Oil Spill has been permanently stopped using static kill. The claim is that by filling the well with mud heavier than oil the well has been put in a ‘static condition’ meaning that even if the cap was removed the well would no longer leak. But is it true? Several videos captured from the underwater robots monitoring the well show that the well is still leaking in several places on or near the blowout preventer. For example, this video shows the BOP leaking almost 12 hours after BP claimed that static kill has killed the well. More on this story:

Natural Born Spillers (3) Gulf of Mexico eruptions and Methan bubbles please read first- Bitte lesen Sie! “Weird scenes on a sea floor site” remarks: ———————- Here the other parts of “Natural Born Spillers” Go to part 1 ( Teil 1) , to read the general description to Natural Born Spillers: —— “Natural Born Spillers part 2: Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico” see the rov coordinate based map of the incident area and localize where te rovs are! See also strange images taken In the area 3 Miles away from the well location “A”(towards the end of at vid) —————- HOMEPAGE DOKUMENTATION/ DOCUMENTARY: Auf den folgender Seiten meiner Homepage finden Sie eine umfassende 4 teilige Dokumentation des Deepwater Horizon Ungl├╝ckes: Documentary on my Homepage ( the article is written in German language. A google translator is integrated on each page . But you find almost all available important informations such as articles of US news channels ( also Bloomberg, NYT, Huffington Post etc.) in English by the original source links. .Also ┬┤those to documents by MMS ,Schlumberger, as published to that case through the freedom of information act (US) , Allthough the page is in German language, the most of the many links lead to original English sources. On the related video page you find a large collection of video material such as three hearings of the US- Congress in June 2010, including the testimony of former BP CEO Tony Hayward. Other related material on my homepage

Lee Patrick Sullivan anchors this afternoon’s Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program: – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulls the plug on a Spill Bill before summer recess.- BP begins tests to see if the blown-out Gulf oil well can handle the static kill process.- Flow Rate Technical Group calls the BP oil spill the largest unintentional oil spill in history.- Investigators say Massey Energy was premature in saying methane detectors were working at the time of an explosion at Upper Big Branch mine.
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Feds: BP may add ANOTHER blow-out preventer to wellhead

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen, August 13, 2010.

Lee Patrick Sullivan anchors this afternoon’s Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program: – BP is finishing up its static kill on the blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico.- The Occupational Safety and Health Administration slapped a .6 million fine against companies involved in the deadly explosion at Kleen Energy Systems power plant in Connecticut this February. – Mine safety officials will test the two methane monitors and a data recorder this weekend at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine.- A UN economic panel discusses new ways to raise money for its 0 billion climate fund.
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New Gulf Coast Evacuation Signs. Is it coming due to us getting sick from toxins?

They are now admitting that the oil is and has been evaporating which those of us sick already knew. They still haven’t started touching the fact that the “dispersant” Corexit 9500 is still all in the water and evaporating here. Also let me mention John Wathen is not a pilot and it is not his plane. I misspoke in the video and just wanted to clear that up. Go here to see his flight I reference in the video. I know people are starting to think all is well. BUT it i not! I’m not even going to get into why the “static kill” is working so far! do your research yourself. Anyway. Tell me what you think about so many signs so close together right on the gulf coast
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National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen says crews will attempt what’s being called the ”static kill” in the Gulf of Mexico to permanently plug the oil. See more DoD videos at

BP Gulf Oil Spill BOP Leaks? After Static Kill 8-4 2:45 PM EST

BP Gulf Oil Spill BOP Leaks? After Static Kill. BP has reported “the well is dead”… that they can remove the cap from the well and no oil will flow… But it appears the BOP continues to leak so what is the truth? Video footage of Skandi Neptune on August 4th 2010 at 2:41 PM Est at the BOP. More on this story:
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DAY 93 Not Seen On TV BP Oil Disaster Government Investigation

DAY 94 Not Seen On TVBP Oil Disaster Government Investigation COMPLETE NOT SEEN ON TV GLOBAL COVERAGE OF BP Gulf Coast Oil Disaster BP’s fine possibly hit billions scallops off Florida’s coast hope oil stops gushing flow stopped test BP proceed integrity test on oil well New cap oil Administration bills BP .7 million more Gulf Coast victims oil shares BP stock rallies sales talk stricter claims wasted oil waiting on checks Big Oil Billion reckless Beaches Beach Tourism Failure Disaster Liability restaurant business owners closing close food water contaminated possibly residents skimmer skimming booms confirmed CNN that staff photographer had altered pictures of engineers looking at three blank screens at the companys oil spill control center making screens look like they were displaying underwater shots to enhance the quality of the photo.Static kill breached Gulf oil well begin within 48 hours pumping mud into the well force oil back into the reservoir below Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen leadingfederal response to the spill BP Wednesday incurred billion in costs related to the spill 75433 claim payments totaling 6 million BP Senior Vice President Kent Wells said Wednesday plug placed in the relief well The plug would safeguard the well in the event bad weather rolls in We are in the process of seeking approval right now We expect a decision in the not-too-distant future 7-inch pipe boom deployed by state using funds from million distributed by BP

Officials expressed optimism after BP’s “static kill” attempt to plug the leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well appeared to be working. On Capitol Hill, the Senate cleared the way for approval of a jobs bill for public workers, and Tennessee voters prepare to vote in primaries for three open seats in Congress.

BP says well in Gulf reached static condition

August 4, 2010- BP announced that the MC252 well in the Gulf of Mexico appears to have reached a static condition for the first time since it’s April 20th explosion, thereby creating the worst oil spill disaster in world history, according to some scientists. The well pressure is now being controlled by the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud, which was the desired outcome of the static kill procedure carried out late yesterday. Now that the flow of oil has been completely cut off, the next step in ensuring a permanent end to the leakage, will be to cement the well. Depending upon weather conditions, mid-August is the likely date by which the first permanent kill and cement operations will commence. BP stock is trading up 1.5% Wednesday morning, to a price of .62, on the news.
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