VISIT RYAN BOLTON’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL The Green Anaconda is considered the largest snake in the world. It can grow up to 2…
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Corn starch is a shear thickening non-Newtonian fluid meaning that it becomes more viscous when it is disturbed. When it’s hit repeatedly by something like a…

euronews futuris – Green energy: tomorrow’s reality More than three million people across the EU now work in eco-industries, producing nature-friendly goods and services. It is an increasingly competitive sector, buoyed by constant innovation. Let’s see how scientists and manufacturers are joining forces to support this industrial evolution. Like in every big city, the air in London is increasingly polluted because of car fumes. One solution is to try am make all taxis emission-free by 2020. A small fleet of hydrogen-powered taxis is being tested as part of this European project. These black cabs running on fuel cells rather than combustion engines are much cleaner and quieter. “This vehicle drives entirely differently to anything I’ve driven before,” says taxi driver Phil Davis. “It’s much smoother, quieter, and it’s a pleasure to drive. It’s responsive, everything on it is electronic, which means less work for me to do. After getting out, after a few hours, it’s like I’ve not been to work at all,” he says. A tank-full of hydrogen gives the taxi up to 400 kilometres autonomy. The tests should give researchers a better idea of how to make the vehicles lighter and more efficient. “There’s an enormous amount that we learn: the vehicle integration – how the different components talk to each other within the power chain; and how the vehicles operate: different taxi drivers, different driving style, different performance characteristics, and importantly, how they interface with hydrogen for refuelling,” says
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Will ecotoxic-conservatives stop green energy because they hate the left?

Question by Mother Hubbard: Will ecotoxic-conservatives stop green energy because they hate the left?
Will the environment continue to be attacked
because letting those evolution touting, sex loving,
precarity hating, environmentalists win would be too hard?
Will the Congress refuse to even debate green energy development
before killing it?

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Answer by Sean r
I think it will be stopped because Global Warming is a Hoax

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Is sustainable nationwide green energy practicable or really even feasible?

thorium fusion

Question by : Is sustainable nationwide green energy practicable or really even feasible?
This green push seems to be another liberal scheme to control and line their pockets.

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Answer by Gym Leader Whitney
-“Hi! I’m Whitney! Everyone was into Pokémon, so I got into it too! Pokémon are super-cute! You want to battle? I’m warning you–I’m good!”

[When defeated]

-“Waaaaah! Waaaaah! …Snivel, hic…. You meanie!”

[After being defeated]

“…Sniff… What? What do you want? A badge? Oh, right. I forgot. Here’s Plain Badge. Ah, that was a good cry! Come for a visit again! Bye-bye!”

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Green Job Training 80 WATT SOLAR PANEL Grid Tie Inverter Direct Monocrystalline

Green Jobs Training. SOLAR PANELS SOLAR CO-OP This is a Monocrystalline Solar panel rated at 80 watts. This panel in direct sunlight can power a GTI Grid tie inverter providing 63 watts AC alternating current supplementing the power consumption from the electric company grid. The GTI is a 200 watt version. 3 panels would be needed in parallel to run direct at full power.
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short video describing a small solar power system that i set up at my house. it consists of twelve 1 amp solar panels (15 watts each for a total of 180 watts of power – per hour). i use it to run all lights (CFL’s), fans, tv’s, and stereos in the house. also the microwave, coffee maker, blender, can opener, sandwich grill, toaster, vacuum, computer and anything else i can think of. run time for lights/fans only is approx 8 hours. add in vacuuming, microwaving or toaster along with lights, tv and the fans and the run time is reduced to 4-5 hours a day. i bought solar panels, inverter (1000 watt) and killowatt meter at Harbor Freight tools, the batteries (deep cycle) from walmart and the battery cables from checker auto. total cost was about 00 to 00 For the latest including EXTRA PICS and INFO. – Click on the (picassa photo gallery) “WEBSITE LINK” from my youtube channel page.
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Biofuel (The Great Green Fuel Gamble)

This documentary describes the possible benefits, harm and sources of biofuel and to what extent it are being used today….

Hey Peeps Galucia here and today we check out the joy of bio fuels and go on a bit of an adventure My Awesome Company: My Awesome Twitter

About this oil spill. If the Obama administration is such a green group, wanting to protect the environment ..?

Question by fineDayguy: About this oil spill. If the Obama administration is such a green group, wanting to protect the environment ..?
… why has Obama done nothing to contain this oil spill? It has been close to 2 weeks since the rig exploded and sunk and now the oil is washing up on shore in Louisiana killing birds and fish and other wildlife. You would think Obama would have been right on top of this, getting some navy boats out there skimming the oil or something. But so far nothing. Is he in actuality a corporate crony president?

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Answer by Yoda Cookie Monster
The coast guard was working on it within hours.

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How can I make my own solar panel and produce solar power electricity and green energy?

Question by : How can I make my own solar panel and produce solar power electricity and green energy?
Solar Power Electricity will save you thousands of dollars while keeping the planet safe and pollution free. By building you own solar panels you will not just generate solar power electricity that saves you money, but you will feel a total sense of satisfaction.

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Answer by Ned
here’s some useful info about solar panels, hope it helps.

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MV-22 Osprey Goes Green with First Biofuel Flight

The Navy and Marine Corps team reached another milestone toward achieving the Secretary of the Navy’s energy goals by successfully flying a Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey on biofuel Aug. 10 test at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.
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An increased focus on reducing fossil fuel usage to minimize climate change has propelled aircraft manufacturers to investigate the use of biofuels. Biofuels are providing reasons for the aviation industry to be hopeful, as a means of achieving sustainability. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has recently given the preliminary approval to the blending of 50% biofuels produced from algal, jatropha, municipal waste and other cellulosic feedstocks in aviation fuels. Final approval is expected in July 2011. Lufthansa and Airbus are expected to begin a six-month commercial trial of a 50 percent biofuel blend, on four flights per day operating between Frankfurt and London. Bioenterprise works with a company who produces biofuel from agricultural crop residues and waste, and purpose-grown cellulosic feedstock. With the recent surge of aviation biofuel interest, perhaps there’s an opportunity to vertically integrate.
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Build your own Solar Panels with Green DIY Energy With the soaring prices of energy people everywhere are trying to find solutions to cut their individual costs. Green DIY Energy is a product that should save you money while helping to safeguard the natural environment. Perhaps you have entertained the idea of purchasing solar panel products for your house. You can reduce your electricity and heat costs when you use the sun for energy. You can expect to pay upwards of 000 in the event you use a retailer to install your solar panels. It can take up to 30 years before you retrieve your first costs. You might have a far more appealing option. You can easily comply with the strategy set up by Green DIY Energy and do it yourself. You will get an inexpensive (less than ) installation guide showing you how to build your own. You are able to make solar panels for less than 0 by adhering to the detailed sequential blueprint. Probably the concept of green living is brand-new to you. With the lack of stableness in the energy market, now may be the time to get involved with energy conservation. Construct your own solar panels and watch those utility bills go down. You will probably be so satisfied with yourself for accomplishing this without outside help. Is making use of Green DIY Energy as your way to obtain information about solar energy a good option? Countless numbers of happy customers would recommend this program. You are certain to get everything required to build your solar panels from start to
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NOW AVAILABLE!!: B-Squares Modular Solar-Powered Electrics B-Squares was just a few sketches emailed between Jordan and Shawn in January 2011. Now, a few months and dozens of prototypes later, we’re ready to make this into a product. Help complete the evolution of this project from seed to reality by SHARING this video with your friends. Learn more and check out our launch campaign on:
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Green light ahead

Green light ahead
David Tolwinski is a convert. And he has his daughter to thank for it. Tolwinski was skeptical of the Toyota Prius when the hybrid vehicle first came out. Then, a few years ago, his daughter wanted a new car when she graduated from college and was heading to Arizona for graduate school. He wanted to buy her a small sport …
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Hertz Introduces Electric Bikes in London
London, UK – Hertz has now become the first major car rental company to offer electric bicycles for rental, with the introduction of Ultra Motor electric bicycles to London ( ). Visitors and residents alike can now explore the capital by electric cycling with the fun Fast4ward Edge and A2B Hybrid 24 models, at up to speeds of 15.5mph.
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PhillyInc: Pa. hopes for a S. Korean plant are dashed
Can you miss something you never really had? The Associated Press reported over the weekend that South Korean electric-vehicle maker CT&T Co. Ltd. won’t be building final-assembly operations in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
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Since it has come out that America is actually an opponent to green energy what do the conspiracy nuts say now?

Question by : Since it has come out that America is actually an opponent to green energy what do the conspiracy nuts say now?
“Leaked US diplomatic cables now show why the summit failed so spectacularly. The dispatches reveal that the US and China, the world’s top two polluters, joined forces to stymie every attempt by European nations to reach agreement.”,1518,733630,00.html

Can you people seriously say with a straight face that the U.S. Government is pushing the “hoax” of global warming for money, when it is in fact pushing to be able to pollute at will?

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Answer by Diethyl Ether Dinner Candle ™
What about “Blame China First” for a change?

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Vestas Wind Systems Wins U.S. Order From Enel Green Power for 111 Turbines

Vestas Wind Systems Wins U.S. Order From Enel Green Power for 111 Turbines
Vestas Wind Systems A/S said it has received an order from Enel Green Power North America, Inc. for delivery of 111 V90-1.8 MW turbines for a wind-energy project in the U.S. The contract includes a five-year service and maintenance agreement and delivery is scheduled for the second half of this year, it said in a statement.
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Class is in session
CHAMPION – Area electricians can learn to work with wind turbines in a two-week course being given by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 573.
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Wind Turbine Blades Cause Traffic Mess On I-5
It was an unusual sight along Interstate 5 Friday as six oversized trucks hauling 149-foot blades for wind turbines were stopped for more than seven hours because of a permitting issue.
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Kutztown Goes Green: ordinance addresses alternative energy installations

Kutztown Goes Green: ordinance addresses alternative energy installations
Kutztown Borough Council unanimously passed the Alternative Energy Systems Ordinance recently.
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12.4 MW: Conergy and Annex Power build another solar park in Thailand with Conergy components
Çѹ·Õè 29 àÁÉÒ¹ 2554 14:25 ¹. With the 12.4 megawatt solar park in Nakhon Pathom province, Conergy and Annex Power are building the third solar park on Thai soil within one year.

Stuart solar entrepreneur: Legislature missed chance to put Floridians back to work
TALLAHASSEE — Solar and biomass energy companies mourned the loss of a sure job development opportunity Tuesday as the state Senate’s budget chief put a spear through a bill to spur renewable energy in Florida.
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New Energy Edge Technologies Website Helps Companies Go Green

New Energy Edge Technologies Website Helps Companies Go Green
Energy Edge Technologies Corporation Announces Newly Redesigned Website for Companies Wanting to Go Green Bridgewater, NJ (Vocus/PRWEB) March 21, 2011 Energy Edge Technologies Corp ., a thought leader in energy cost reduction services, focuses on customers interested in energy efficiency and green technologies with a newly, redesigned website. The new website features energy conservation …
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Nuclear Doomers Should Pipe Down, Study Canada, Colorado: James S. Russell
These are good places to visit if you’re worried about the cost of energy. There you’ll find successful conservation efforts using the simple option of using less energy. And these days the advantages of conservation — cleaner, faster, cheaper, safer — suddenly loom very large.
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VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE WINDMILL ALTERNATIVE GREEN POWER A simple wind turbine all around you. Alternative energy green job training. Wind power. – Homemade wind turbines – Why Should You Make Your Own wind turbines? Building your own wind turbines is a great way to protect the environment and slash your monthly electricity bill. Contrary to common perception, making wind turbines is very easy and doesn’t require any special skills. The materials you are going to need are metal scissors, sandpaper, an electrical stove, copper leads, copper flashing sheet, etc. You can find these materials at your local hardware store at a very low price. The benefits of having your own residential solar power: 1. Reduce your electricity bill by more than 80%. 2. Create more energy than you use and get paid by your utility company. 3. Help to fight global warming and protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 4. Stop depending on non-renewable energy resources. You can have your own power source and stop caring about power outages. 5. You can go completely off-grid, not affected in the least by rising energy prices. 6. Get tax credits for using green energy. 7. You can have a lot of fun in the process! To build this system you will need to spend 0 – 0 and you can use it to power any appliance in your home: computer, lights, washing machine, fridge. Compared to the cost of installing a pre-made wind turbine, making your own is much more affordable, considering the fact that a ready made one way cost up to 00. It would be better to install the system on your roof so that it can absorb
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