Petroleum Engineers: Technical information on Louisiana oil spill?

by Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants Question by Andy: Petroleum Engineers: Technical information on Louisiana oil spill? What is a good website for technical information on the Louisiana oil spill? I would like to see good drawings or photos. Also: pressure and flow information at the pipe. How many pipe breaks are there? Best […]

British Petroleum

There is no oil in the Gulf of Mexico anymore. Instead it transformed into a flesh eating swimming creature. This is confirmed by Government Researchers. Video Rating: 5 / 5

British Petroleum can suck a donkey dick

Blur The Activist? Oil spill day 75, well now day 77, but who’s counting? I am, because I feel painful empathy, and Burning the Live Turtles, is beyond the last straw, all those sons a bitches at BP, worried about there jobs, they have to answer to GOD, and Mother Nature?

Why is British Petroleum being so viciously dealt with by the Obama Administration?

Have we already forgotten when Occidental Oil’s Piper Alpha platform exploded in the North Sea in 1988, killing 167 people; or when Union Carbide’s gas plant in Bhopal, India, poisoned an entire town in 1984, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and the establishment of a poisonous legacy that remains to this day. […]

Did you know that petroleum probably ISN’T a fossil fuel?

More importantly, that if petroleum IS abiogenic, then there’s a lot more than people think, and should be a lot cheaper… The only arguments for it being a “fossil-fuel” are A: There’s fossils mixed in with “most” test samples, and B: If it’s “gonna run out soon,” they can jack up the price… According […]

Do theories of abiogenic petroleum have any merit?

From everything I’ve read I’d be tempted to guess that there isn’t much to substantiate an abiotic origin of fossil fuels, in general. However, I would enjoy hearing an expert opinion. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I could not open the pdf with my pdf reader.