Here are TEN energy sources you can expect to see powering our future.


From Biofuel and Algae to Flying Wind Turbines and Nuclear Waste, learn about some really brilliant methods for powering our vehicles our homes, our cities and even our planet. Which one is your favorite? Would you like to see one of these powering your city?

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Wind Turbines interactions with bats and neighbors. Bats at Turbines (B-roll): Surveillance video (B-roll) from a temperature-imaging camera showing a bat interacting with a …

When industrial wind turbines which are 40 stories tall are sited too close to people’s home there is trouble with noise and shadow flicker. Wind developers …

Wind Powered Wheelies

yo Yo YO Look at this video of da motor bik wi da ting and WIDE OPEN. dat right it was WIDE OPEN. WOT and stuff withh da jump jumps. We meet a donkey but in …
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DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump. Cata-Vento com Bomba de Agua.

This is a beta version of a wind-powered water pump using bicycle parts and PVC (details at Es…
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A solar and wind-powered car G-code is just a concept car created from a vehicle study, but it’s still got some great ideas. The design is pretty futuristic,…

Wind turbines and health problems

Windmills may be an environmentally friendly alternative energy source but they also cause debilitating health problems, say people who live near them. Wind …
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What’s inside a wind turbine?

An overview of the layout of utility-class wind turbine generators – where are the major components, what do they do, and what differences can be found betwe…
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Missouri Wind And Solar website You can also find us on Ebay at Our …
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4 Most Popular Vertical Wind Turbines – here’s the link… See More Vertical Wind Turbines at out blog….
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Wind Turbine Tour

Puget Sound Energy’s Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility features 149 wind turbines. This video tour takes you inside the 351-foot-tall wind turbines, giving …
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Q&A: How much land must the Federal Government take to put in place all the wind turbines we need?

Question by The Presidential Finger: How much land must the Federal Government take to put in place all the wind turbines we need?
We need a significant number of wind turbines to replace the oil and coal industries. These turbines need land. We can hardly take it from National Parks, so we need to take it from citizens. This is, of course, constitutional (see the Fifth Amendment). It is also constitutional to take land from one citizen, and give it to a private developer (see Kelo v. New London). This private developer could be a wind turbine company.

How much land must the Federal Government take to put in place all the wind turbines we need?

Best answer:

Answer by Andy
It would need to cover the entire area of Nebraska with solar panels to make that work, so wind turbines would be much more.

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Renewable Energy in Germany | Fully Charged

Robert Llewellyn provides insight on renewable energy in Germany. LIKE Fully Charged on Facebook @ Fully Charged Podcast on iTunes @ Robert first speaks with government official Dr. Silke Karcher, who heads the division ‘EU-Affairs and Bilateral Cooperation of Environment and Energy’. They discuss Germany’s future plans for energy, which involves the abandoning of nuclear energy and move towards wind, gas & solar. He then goes down to Leipzig to see a Juwi Energy Park, where a tour is given around a huge solar power plant by Sylvia Hamm. This produces a significant amount of energy for the German grid. Juwi Energy Park @ ABOUT FULLY CHARGED: Fully Charged is an online show hosted by Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge, Carpool), sponsored by British Gas: Looking After Your World. During this series, Robert will discuss why we need to change how we think about energy consumption now. He will be taking a look at the newest electric cars available on the market [Volvo, Ford, Peugeot, Renault & Nissan] and also different forms of renewable energy [Wind and Solar].
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