Local man wins environmentally friendly business opportunity

Local man wins environmentally friendly business opportunity When James Turner mowed a local lawn recently, his work didn’t seem to bother a flock of geese walking by or a baby nestled in his mother’s arms on a nearby porch. Read more on The Wilmington Star-News

Environment: Related News

Environment: Related News 7/14/2010 – D.C. Idle-Reduction Campaign Gets Under Way The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments officially launched its diesel idle-reduction campaign Tuesday, running throughout the summer…. Read more on TruckingInfo.com

Nuclear Power Song: Performed by Environment Man

Nuclear power does not create any smog forming gases or greenhouse gases. Environment Man recorded this performance on site behind an operating nuclear power plant in the United States. Can you guess which plant is in the background. The field is the only real clue.

Why some communities embrace environmental conservation and others don’t

Why some communities embrace environmental conservation and others don’t Continued support for off-shore oil drilling by Gulf Coast residents who are dealing with one of the most devastating environmental disasters in US history might seem surprising, but new research shows that local factors such as unemployment and population growth influence views about the value of […]

how is nuclear energy bad for the environment?

ok i know nuclear is clean and everything, but this is for a debate topic and i know there’s something about the radioactive waste and stuff so wat else is bad about nuclear power that is environment related?

Do you think that hybrid cars really help the environment?

When the term hybrid vehicle is used, it most often refers to a Petroleum electric hybrid vehicle. These encompass such vehicles as the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, Honda Insight and others. A petroleum-electric hybrid most commonly uses internal combustion engines (generally gasoline or Diesel engines, powered by a variety of fuels) […]

Agora – Nuclear Energy: friend or foe to the environment?

Bruno Comby and Frédéric Marillier are both French environmentalists who believe global warming is real, dangerous, and has to be stopped. But Marillier heads the anti-nuclear campaign of Greenpeace France. He advocates renewable energies rather than a nuclear industry that he argues is expensive, dangerous and unreliable. Bruno Comby is president of Environmentalists for Nuclear […]

Is Nuclear Power Worth the Environmental Cost?

Complete video at: fora.tv Admiral Frank “Skip” Bowman, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, argues that nuclear waste management is a less severe problem than many believe. —– Frank ‘Skip’ Bowman discusses “More Nuclear Energy: Why America Needs it Now.” The volatility of natural gas prices and the potential for restrictions on coal-fueled […]

Hybrid and electric vehicles, The environmental effects of?

I need to find some articles(sources),with research preferably, that show that hybrids and EV’s are worse for the environment than a regular commuter car. I know alot of you are ging to want to give me some that are pro Hybrid and EV’s but that is not what my paper is on, So tell me […]

Is Nuclear Energy really clean & environmentally friendly?

Nuclear Energy might not emit carbon emissionsinto the air, but the nuclear waste has to dispossed of by buried underground ( just like Garbage ) becuse there is no way to recycle it….. and it will NOT decompose like garbage will over time…. Its polluting our lands/grounds and making them inhabitable and dangerous.