The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

New NASA Ion Thruster To Propel Spacecraft To 90,000 MPH | Video NASA’s Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) project has completed the longest duration test for a Space propulsion system (48,000 hours/5 1/2 years). This look inside the thrusters discharge chamber shows how it works.

NASA Connect – Rocket to The Stars

NASA Connect video containing four segments as described following. First segment of Rocket to the Stars defines work and energy using the concepts of force,…

How does NASA talk to people on the moon but we lose cellphone service?

by watchingfrogsboil Question by pb.porsh: How does NASA talk to people on the moon but we lose cellphone service? My mom asks this all the time but I have no answer and am now wondering myself. I don’t believe sending men to the moon was a conspiracy like many people, but do want an answer. […]

Animation of Dawn’s Visit to Vesta Asteroid 2011 NASA JPL 4min

video for embedding at 06.23.11 “This movie presents a series of animations showing NASA’s Dawn spacecraft traveling to and operating at the giant asteroid Vesta” Mapping Vesta: First Results from Dawn’s Survey Orbit “The geologic objectives of the Dawn Mission are to derive Vesta’s shape, map the surface geology, understand the geological context […]

NASA Kennedy Obama Connection to 2012 – Richard C. Hoagland Part 10 of 14

Including, finally – Who Really Killed Kennedy…and Why? A presentation by Richard C. Hoagland at the Secrets Conference. On November 8, 2009, the SyFy television network (in association with NBC News) broadcast a major two-hour television Special, following the Hyperdimensional research currently being conducted by Richard C. Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission into “the Physics […]

Li-ion Motors in NASA — Li-ion Motors at NASA, interview with Bruce Chesson, PM Space Center. NASA Video Rating: 0 / 5

NASA Conspiracies & Secrecy Nick Redfern pt 1

PLAYLIST: British ufologist and author Nick Redfern argued that NASA has hidden from the public, evidence of UFO visitations to the Earth, and astronaut sightings of UFOs in space, as well as been involved in cover-ups such as with the Roswell Incident, and the Face on Mars. “The more you look into it, the […]

Dawn Journey Above Vesta Asteroid 2011 NASA JPL 2min 720HD

video for embedding at JPL story: PASADENA, Calif. – A new video from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft takes us on a flyover journey above the surface of the giant asteroid Vesta. The data obtained by Dawn’s framing camera, used to produce the visualizations, will help scientists determine the processes that formed Vesta’s striking features. […]

1981 – Educational – NASA at Work – The Electric Propulsion Rocket

Brought to you by Follow us on Twitter @ http Find more NASA at Work @ Do you have a favorite memory pertaining to this video artifact? Please share your comments with us. Can you recognize or identify any of the actors or personalities? Please let us know. Do you know any of […]

Spacecraft NASA Is Orbiting Massive Asteroid.mp4

ABC News – PASADENA, Calif. July 19, 2011 (AP) NASA’s Dawn spacecraft was captured into orbit around the massive asteroid Vesta after a 1.7 billion-mile journey and is preparing to begin a study of a surface that may date to the earliest era of the solar system, the space agency said Monday. The entry into […]

NASA Now Minute: Nanotechnology and Space

In this NASA now program, Dr. Mike Oye describes the scale of nanotechnology, how properties of matter change and how nanowires could be used in future space exploration. NASA Now Minutes are excerpts from a weekly current events program available for classroom use at the NASA Explorer Schools Virtual Campus. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Chandra Shoots the Moon (NASA, Chandra, 09/16/03)

Check out these NASA ION images: Chandra Shoots the Moon (NASA, Chandra, 09/16/03) Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center C153: A Galaxy’s Fatal Plunge (NASA, Chandra, 01/06/04) Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

On what STS mission is NASA planning to send VASIMR to the ISS?

by Chris Radcliff Question by EgoEggMan: On what STS mission is NASA planning to send VASIMR to the ISS? Best answer: Answer by Edward SharpIt was announced that the Ad Astra Rocket Company had entered into an agreement to test the engine on the International Space Station, in or before 2013. No STS mission has […]