Total Flow Generator Demo

The revolutionary Total Flow Generator™ converts waste pressure from virtually any source — hydro, gas, biomass and more — into fuel-free green energy (100…
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Wood chip burner with steam boiler warming up with manual fuel control generating over 20kW of steam power, superheated, 1 pound (pint) per minute of cold ho…

Is it possible to vent the nuclear power plants in Japan into another containment structure?

Question by Phil Osopher Not: Is it possible to vent the nuclear power plants in Japan into another containment structure?
Can they vent the nuke plants into something like one of those natural gas storage tanks that rise up and down?

How does the cooling with sea water work?
Doesn’t it overflow to somewhere as well as turning to steam?

Why haven’t they flown in self contained generators to power the nuke plants pumps?

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Answer by mariskalen kampf Strudl v.Wurst!
They cannot get enough water into the reactors because, apparently, all the pumps were damaged after the tsunami. Nothing else can or needs to be done, but get the water flowing again.


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Solar “Death Ray” PARABOLIC MIRROR 55.7 PARABOLOID STEAM GENERATOR Concave This is on of our new 55.7″ Paraboloids that produces almost 2K of solar power. They are beasts when it comes to solar heating. I hope to do videos with Steam and Stirling Engines to provide a working model that actually can be used to produce some power. These boil 12 oz of water in under a minute. Still testing and will have videos on that soon. Please Rate this video and subscribe to our channel. Sunlight can be used to produce steam.
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What would happen to the power plants if the power grid would acutely be disconnected of crippled?

Question by Martijn: What would happen to the power plants if the power grid would acutely be disconnected of crippled?
What would happen if (for example) some terrorist would decide to blow up the entire (or huge amounts) of a continents power grid using an EMP bomb? More specifically, what would happen to the power plants within those regions? As they cannot store their electric energy (?), but still keep working (like a nuclear power plant), would they go into immanent melt-down?

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Answer by Tony Q
the circuit breakers or fuses in the transmission line power grid will be activated and isolated the defective areas, nothing will happen to the power plant except the line voltage will be higher, because of no load output, but it will be compensated

but to provide electricity to other places, they will send a crew to repair the damages, at the same time transfer the power source from other power plants to continue the electrical service, they have a very good interconnected power grid system between us and ontario

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How are fossil fuels coupled to electrical power?


Question by PhillyGirl82: How are fossil fuels coupled to electrical power?
How are fossil fuels coupled to electrical power, and what are the major environmental impacts of these processes? What are the problems of future increases in large centralized electrical-generation power plants?

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Answer by Prophet 1102
Nice homework assignment. Time to get busy.

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Chuk and His Steam Powered Model T Chassis

Video from 2004, SACA member Chuk Williams and his Lawler engine, steam powered Model T chassis car. The Steam Automobile Club of America, since 1958. Visit
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Furnace with steam turbine for heat and electricity

This video shows a 500W custom turbine/generator unit running on an outdoor wood boiler and also a propane fired boiler system that can send heat to a home. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!! PRESSURIZING AN OUTDOOR WOOD BOILER CAN CAUSE EXPLOSIONS, DAMAGE TO THE BOILER, BURNS, FIRE, LOSS OF LIFE, AND LOSS OF PROPERTY!! THEY AREN’T MEANT TO TAKE THIS PRESSURE. IT MAY ALSO BE ILLEGAL IN YOUR AREA. DON’T EVEN THINK IT!! I am an engineer with a stress analysis on all these parts!! Enjoy the video!! It’s a great project with a bright future.

My custom Jensen 70, hooked up to my fan/generator, powering both, my Lionel street light and my TinkerToy windmill. Simple to build and really kinda fun. Thanks for watching.

Homemade Model Steam Boiler

This is my boiler I made for my steam engine. Its not finished yet.made from a old kerosene stove.In the video im running it on meths. (no fingers were lost in the making of this video)
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$1/Watt Solar Thermal Concentrator Steam Powered Electric Generator – Open Source Ecology

Here is a program for what it takes to achieve a /watt solar thermal concentrator electric generator, better than solar panels! Critique it on the weblog – at We arelooking for people who are interested in building the world’s first replicable open source self-sufficient decentralized permaculture village – to transcend survival and evolve to freedom. Read more at Visit our myspace page