The world needs a new source of energy; one that is continuous, plentiful, inexpensive, safe and unspillable

Furnace with steam turbine for heat and electricity

This video shows a 500W custom turbine/generator unit running on an outdoor wood boiler and also a propane fired boiler system that can send heat to a home. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!! PRESSURIZING AN OUTDOOR WOOD BOILER CAN CAUSE EXPLOSIONS, DAMAGE TO THE BOILER, BURNS, FIRE, LOSS OF LIFE, AND LOSS OF PROPERTY!! THEY AREN’T MEANT TO TAKE THIS PRESSURE. IT MAY ALSO BE ILLEGAL IN YOUR AREA. DON’T EVEN THINK IT!! I am an engineer with a stress analysis on all these parts!! Enjoy the video!! It’s a great project with a bright future.

My custom Jensen 70, hooked up to my fan/generator, powering both, my Lionel street light and my TinkerToy windmill. Simple to build and really kinda fun. Thanks for watching.