The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

The Rising Reign of Heat Pumps: Redefining Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency

unspillable fuel alternate source of power heat pump

In recent times, American homeowners are making a significant shift towards embracing energy-efficient heat pumps over traditional gas furnaces. This trend signals a noteworthy transformation in the landscape of home heating and cooling solutions across the nation. According to the latest report from the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, heat pump shipments have surpassed […]

How To Survive the Power Grid Going Down

How To Survive the Power Grid Going Down Apocalypse Discussion Survival

The biggest threat to humanity is a grid-down scenario, and many people don’t even think about it, give it the light of day, or have even considered it. Yet, the fact that this looming threat is not a question of if but a question of when should give many people pause. Now, America’s power grid […]

What Happens to Grounded Electricity?

What happens to grounded electricity where does it go in the earth?

Where Does Grounded Electricity Actually Go? by Real Engineering discusses the grounding system in power plants, substations, and transmission lines. The grounding system is designed to ensure that the touch potential and step potential, which are the voltages that can be felt by a person who comes into contact with a grounded object, do not […]

Deep in the Earth’s Mantle: Ringwoodite’s Potential as a New Sustainable Energy Source

Ringwoodite under the earth crust mantle energy source

Ringwoodite, a mineral discovered in 1969, has recently garnered attention in the scientific community for its potential as an energy source. While still in its early stages of development, ringwoodite has shown promise as a sustainable and renewable energy source, and several advancements have been made in accessing and studying it. Ringwoodite is a high-pressure […]

Elon Musk’s Shocking Announcement: The End of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Elon Musk’s Shocking Announcement: The End of Lithium-Ion Batteries Have you ever wondered what powers your electric car? Most likely, it’s a lithium-ion battery, which has been the dominant technology for decades. But what if there was a better way to store and deliver energy for your vehicle? That’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims to have found in his latest announcement. Musk reveals […]

Here’s a great idea for Electric Vehicle manufacturers

Ford F150 Price Hike Increased Costs All Electric Truck Prices 2023

After hearing the news that Ford hiked the price of their cheapest all electric F-150 truck to almost $60k (£49k, €56k) Demented Turtle had an interesting idea, what are YOUR thoughts? Hear me out: instead of using the incredibly limited battery resources right now to make a massively inefficient, fully electric truck (that still has […]

100 Percent Algae Powered Computer

algae powered computer biofuel electricity components

This computer ran on algae power alone for 6 months Scientists have succeeded in powering a microprocessor for months thanks to the energy generated by algae. This kind of progress, still at the margins, is very encouraging for a world dependent on polluting energies. What if tomorrow, small everyday connected objects were powered by plants? […]

What is NanoCrystal Electricity and how does Nano Crystal Electricity work?

What is NanoCrystal Electricity

The new technology of NanoCrystal Electricity. What is it and what does it mean? This Tesla dream device will power everything and make all of your power cords obsolete. “It’s about to change your life” – Stephen Hawking.   Here’s a 100 year old, early prototype of a device which was designed to emit electricity […]

SMK CBN – Conserving Electricity

The team talks about how they are reducing electricity consumption in their school and their efforts to educate their fellow students on saving electricity. Video Rating: 0 / 5

From Solar Energy To Electricity

This video shows how energy from the sun in the form of photons is absorbed by solar panels and turned into electricity. This video was made as a part of the… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Building a simple solar power system for your homestead. Visit my website at–projects.html. Video Rating: 5 / 5

How do solar panels create electricity?

Video Rating: 4 / 5 Beaming electric power from space could be a viable solar energy option for the near future in the estimation of engineer and researcher Martin Hoffert. Tapp…

Free energy generator- How to make free electricity with a magnetic motor Just what is it about magnetic generators that has made them the talk of the town? There are plenty of alternative energy products an… Video Rating: 5 / 5 The Steorn magnetic motor replication by Jean-Louis Naudin. This is a successfull replication of the Steorn motor presented by Sean McCarthy on dec 15, 2009 […]

Solar Electricity vs. Solar Heating Solar Energy first got noticed when it became practical for hot water heating. In Southern California, hot water heating is relati… Electricity prices are currently quite high and forecasted to increase significantly in the near future. With a PowerSmart solar powe…

How does a gas generator make electricity?

by r_neches Question by How does a gas generator make electricity? Okay, I know there is a generator /electro motor in there, but it’s not a permanent magnet motor, then if there is no existing magnetic field, and there is no battery on a generator, how does it make the coils energized? The rotor […]

Q&A: How to spread the message of conserving electricity to people?

Question by Huges: How to spread the message of conserving electricity to people? Different methods must be used to spread the message to different age groups, for instance teenagers, adults and the elderly. What are some of the ways to spread the message effectively?? Best answer: Answer by entry 37thIt vary from place to place. […]

How To Build A Cheap Magnet Motor In 1 Hour FREE Electricity For Your Home tutorial and testimony of building a magnetic free energy device that generates free electric energy for home use, to find out how this has been done visit Follow this easy set of plans to build your own Magniwork Magnetic Electricity Generator for your home or business. A complete system can be built AND […]