The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

Here’s a great idea for Electric Vehicle manufacturers

After hearing the news that Ford hiked the price of their cheapest all electric F-150 truck to almost $60k (£49k, €56k) Demented Turtle had an interesting idea, what are YOUR thoughts?

Hear me out: instead of using the incredibly limited battery resources right now to make a massively inefficient, fully electric truck (that still has trash range), why not divide that same 100 kwh battery pack into 4 25 kwh ones. Then, put that 25 kwh pack in a plug-in hybrid truck with their turbo v6 engine. For commuting, owners would be able to easily cover the distance in full electric mode. But when they need to tow or go longer distances, they can use the v6 and some electric efficiency boost and not worry about range or cold-weather issues.

Instead of electrifying 100% of the driving of 1 person, you could electrify 90-95% of the driving of 4 people, using the same amount of lithium. Wouldn’t option 2 be better for the environment?

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