The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

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  1. @angelocutthroats No, they coat it with an anti-reflection layer like
    silicon-nitride, which although is a dielectric, it isn’t the dielectric
    quality that improves the efficiency. It’s the fact that it is just the
    right thickness as to encourage absorption of the exact light frequencies
    for which the solar cell is tuned. That’s why the most efficient solar
    cells (SunPower) are black in color because they absorb the entire spectrum
    of light. Not just silicon-nitride … there are others too.

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  3. do you know something of solar cells that is coated by a dielectric layer
    to optimize its efficiency? need a video for a class presentaion…

  4. just what i needed for a school project :) ill be adding my own commentary
    but still… who should i credit? YouTube user: befreegreenenergy (?)

Animation of how solar electricity works

Animation of how solar electricity works.