25 thoughts on “Geet Engine inventor jailed for sharing his alternative fuel engine

  1. “The primary fuel is water”.

    Sorry, but it’s wrong. The primary fuel is petrol of course. The heated
    water can possibly help the burning of the oil on old motors (up to 30%),
    but on modern motors, the gain is only 5 to 10%.

    Please don’t encourage the conspiracy theory.

  2. They wont use anything that they cant make money from, imagine all vehicles
    water powered, Saudi arabia, Iraq and all oile producers would go out of

  3. It is interesting. Everyone else’s Geet setup is different than what he
    shows here. His has a long exhaust pipe, everything seems to be on the back
    end of the engine, he explains it here as mostly exhaust. Some of the
    exhaust goes back up the pipe…I am wondering if it is just some sort of
    exhaust reburner. But says it is the Carburetor as well, combined in one
    Others (like the Geet Guys)…show a Fuel source and fuel line that goes
    to an engine,THROUGH the Geet Setup, (rod section)… the fuel gets mixed,
    and becomes “geet”…then it goes to the engine, and out as exhaust. And it
    is NOT the same set up at the “Muffler”, back end. Some do have a
    “Bubbler”, but it is separate. Where as his is Internal and a part of the
    exhaust system.
    As I researched….
    He was not arrested for making the video. He was arrested for Securities
    Fraud. If he was “marked” by the powers that be….why did his WIFE turn
    him in???? As I have read other places.
    I allege he was not arrested over this video.

    Question for someone more knowledgeable than I about this type of engine:
    Where is the carburetor SUPPOSED to be? Would it not be in a different
    place than the exhaust?
    Is the fuel going in from the back section, up the exhaust pipe, and then
    back down in a different section?

  4. I have been trying to expose an answer to the mystery of the100 Miles per
    gallon fuel systems. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage is possible but missed or
    suppressed by oil companies for over 80 years and we have the patents and
    the science to prove it, see the evidence we have now see at website (no
    spaces) him acre search dot com other sites with similar info are Byron
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  5. There are things science hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of.
    School is proven to dumb down the population through poor teaching, lies
    and supressing truth in the books. Don’t put too much faith in the past and
    present school system. Think for yourself, educate yourself and use your
    imagination. Anything is possible.

  6. We all have those times. I said that as a joke because not everyone
    believes in Jesus. Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus or the second part
    of the bible.

  7. J.P. Morgan had the patent on copper wire. Thats the reason he withdrew his
    support. No wire, no money. Period!

  8. So what? Lots of people on YouTube have free energy devices, and like
    Tesla’s they don’t work. Teslas patents are publicly available, and have
    long since expired. Why not just build his devices? Energy devices that run
    off aether? Cool! I am designing a public transport system that runs off
    unicorn poop and elf farts. it will be totally free also.

  9. this is total bullshit…. you cant change elements in the heat of an
    engine, it takes a supernova start to reformulate electrons nuetrons and
    protons to form different elements. theis man was probably arrested for
    scamming people to buy a false product

  10. with the implicant help of our dictatorship of a government mislabeled a
    republic like china or north korea US , we lead in incarcerations and death
    penalty we enact embargo’s against regimes that we know the only people to
    suffer will be civilians THE US. GOV BY DEFINITION IS A FACIST regime ,
    administration act

  11. you are the IGNORANT american idiots that people talk about our countries
    citizens in large part having our heads in the sand or up our ass

  12. Sad. Jailed cause the power companies would lose bad. Got to love America,
    protect the rich and keep the poor poor.

  13. One of the first thing the government does to a person is to discredit her.
    The second is to destroy your integrity. The third is to place you in a
    situation of need. The fourth is to through you in jail. Wake up people.
    It’s never too late.

  14. This video was not about free energy, it was about removing carbon
    emissions from a standard engine.

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