The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

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  1. ^^^ Kr is 92, not 82 as I’ve written – the calculation is still correct: 92
    x 8.7 = 800

  2. Your balance equation shows Ba 144, but your calculations involve Ba 194.
    Why is that?

  3. You’ve got a bit confused, I’m afraid. Total binding energy of the source
    is, 7.6×235=1786 MeV. I don’t know where you have 7 as the binding energy
    for U-235. Then you get a bit confused about whether the Barium is 144 or
    194. It is in fact 141, meaning a binding energy of 8.2 x 141 = 1156 MeV.
    Krypton should be 82, not 89, making the binding energy 8.7 x 92 = 800. The
    mass difference is thus 1786-(1156+800) = 170 MeV. Even Wikipedia gives the
    figure as 202.5 MeV. Your answer is 3x too big.

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