The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

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  1. by installing all this, how much all this cost? I am planning on installing
    one but I want to do some calculation on expenses first…

  2. Hi there. I’m looking at installing a similar 30kw turbine on my farm in
    Wales. Once you got your system running was it very loud? Were you able to
    hear the turbine/generator running outside the shed? 

  3. And to be quite honest, that system was still capable of operating with
    minor repairs but she’s scared of the government and forestry service
    taking her land if she tries, which is also true. They straight up
    threatened her that they would do it. Coincidentally, the officials who did
    this are also members of the GA power board. They definitely don’t like
    anything that doesn’t line their pockets. I have to say that she did try
    and try hard.

  4. WARNING: This video, as well as the website it refers to is nothing but
    SPAM. It doesn’t do anything but show you some pipes as it advertises its
    lame retreat.

  5. does the river run all year or does it freeze in the winter? If it freezes
    up how do you get power then?

  6. @concen It’s a waterfall so no it never freezes. The pipeline itself may,
    that’s why we need to rebuild the pumphouse because I think it would
    contain some way to keep the ice off it.

  7. And yes, the way she runs her “retreat” is fucking deplorable. I saw maybe
    150 things I could have and WOULD have fixed if she just offered some
    money. She’s basically tied up in the land and has none. Sad for her, it’s
    a magical place she could easily turn into a winner if she’d just wake up.
    They got 2 100 foot waterfalls and wildlife out the ass. Beautiful place,
    dirty soul. She recruits homeless kids and feeds them scraps to do work for
    her. That is indeed bullshit. I am legit.

  8. @deepfriedking You know what? Up by the top of the waterfall there is a
    remarkably suspicious setup….

  9. Now let me explain that. I no longer do business with them as I found out
    that they are basically a CULT. Yes, a full-fledged CULT. This hydro system
    IS indeed sound, just not functional. She (Suan) let the place go to hell
    and those pipes were the biggest problem. It was initially really
    impressive back in the 40’s, but she allowed it to rot and a 3000lb cistern
    to fall over thus ruining the lines forever. Someone scammed her saying
    they could make it work when in fact the lines were done

  10. we often go to thease places and have family reunions the last time we got
    kicked out for playing drinking games in the main cabin at 2 in the morning
    lol the owners even started a fire out on the beach b/c he wanted us outa
    the lodge but we were just 50 wasted Scandinavians so we didnt know what to

  11. Well looked good content. I ask for generator specifications. (1) Flow
    rate:? (2) Fall:? (3) Penstock Diameter:? (4) Fan Stark Length:? (5) Total
    power generation capacity [kW]:? renewableenergy/57006

  12. Flow rate 3000gal per minute, there is a 700 foot 45 degree fall line,
    Penstock diameter I think was 3 1/2 inches, Fan stark I do not really know,
    probably 17 inches, total power generation was 50 killowatts max capacity

  13. 3rd largest PRIVATE yeah, it was a 25kw generator running off a high
    pressure hydraulic line. It’s the 3rd largest private hydroelectric plant
    in the southeast.

  14. Never knew this was on Hydroelectric! I am in Blairsville neighbor. I have
    been looking to do the same thing for years since seeing a sawmill runnin
    hydro many years ago… I guess I don’t need but a 10nth of that output to
    handle my needs… Thanks for the interesting upload, inspired me ;-)

Example of off the grid hydroelectric systems

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