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Biden fact-checked over claims about oil companies and oil production

Western Energy Alliance President Kathleen Sgamma fact-checks President Biden’s letter to top oil executives and discusses what Biden can do to combat high gas prices.

Let’s bring in kathleen scott of Western energy alliance President.

It is great to see you today to Break down this letter the President said energy companies Where he scolded them. One thing he said is that Refineries, the companies that Turn crude oil into gasoline, Are not doing that at high Enough rate because they are Charging more to turn a profit.

Is that true? >> no, that is not true. Refiners and producers do not Have control over the price of Oil on the world market. Right now refining capacity is Down a million barrels because Of several years. It is because of pressure on Climate change pressure, Pressure to get away from fossil Fuels. Many refiners shifted from oil To renewables. We have lost capacity in this Country. >> the other thing the president Said yesterday that I thought Was amazing, I am prepared to Use all tools as appropriate to Address barriers providing Affordable secure energy supply. The president is saying he’s all In and willing to decrease gas Prices. What are things the president Can do today to make that Happen?

>> well, we keep hearing he’s Working like the devil to bring Down energy prices and that is Anything, but the truth. Continue to put in place Roadblocks to american energy Production, they will not back Down on climate change and Regulation meant to suppress oil Development. When the president is desprat Because he’s concerned, they are Blaming him for the things he’s Done since shutting down Keystone to stopping leases and All kind of things he’s done to Make it more difficult to Produce american energy and now He’s feeling the heat from Voters and trying to blame us. >> carley: when the president Says this, fact-checking Segment, providing the facts Here to what the president is Saying, when the president says There are 9000 unused leases and Permits and oil companies are Not drilling because they want To keep the oil in the ground so They can charge higher prices, Is that true?

well, you know, then he Should talk to the environmental Groups they keep settling with Because we have about 5900 Leases that we can’t develop on, Now we have 3000 permits the Groups are sued on because they Don’t want permits to move Forward and drilling to take Place. He says these things, but the Actions are meant to stop Production on federal land and Waters. >> carley: how long do you think Gas prices will stay at record Highs we’re seeing right now?

I can cannot predict prices, Too many factors globally and Rehave refining capacity Constraind and prices are high Particularly for diesel. There is a shortage because Refining capacity is down. There are supply chain issues That are affecting producers and Refiners, we do not set the Price of oil globally. We’re trying to increase Production and bring it down and The american producer has Increased production, still There are roadblocks and in the Past under the trump Administration, we were able to Produce and had a political Environment where we could, this Time too many obstacles and Layer and top the supply chain Issues that we’re facing and it Is causing a pinch for consumers And we’re trying to bring prices Down. It is difficult in this Political environment.

>> carley: the president yelled At oil and gas companies Yesterday in a strongly worded Letter.

Biden fact-checked over attack on oil companies