The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

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  1. (continued) But instead there is this Genepax (dot) com that is just making
    it seem like its still alive and well. Not true! The real Genepax (dot) co
    (dot) jp is Japanese and it’s shut down forever… Same as our hero Stanley

  2. About 4 years ago Japan released the first car running on water… Just
    water… Only water.. Nothing else. Too bad… The oil companies shut it
    down so fast that even the website explaining why: “for to current
    obstacles in these times they are forced to shut down the company…”
    didn’t last more than a few days.

  3. about 2 years after they came out if the police caught people using them
    you would get a £60 fine because the police thought they where dangerous in
    road traffic

Neat commercial for the Sinclair C5, one of the first hybrid electric micro cars.



The Sinclair C5 was one of the first hybrid electric micro cars. It was called an electric tricycle at the time. This allowed it to be marketed as a vehicle that can be driven on the sidewalks by anyone over the age of 14 without a license or insurance. It is similar to the Wycycle (see video). However, the early Wycyclles did not have pedals for moving. And the Wycycle could be folded up and had a top to cover the person. What may be interesting is to see a kind of C5 Wycycle which embraces the latest technology for achieving strenght, weight reduction, motor power and energy efficiency, along with latest battery technology (such as lithium polymer batteries).

Sinclair C5 Hydro Electric vehicle