The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

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  1. +Macey Dean you should check out Overfloater, that dude is amazing at
    building SSTO’s and getting to other planets

  2. Holy crap you make some cool stuff man! I love watching these eventhough I
    haven’t played the game much.

  3. There is a bug in Kerala space program in which if you are on an impact
    course with a celestial body and you use max time warp, it can slingshot
    you through the planet and greatly boost momentum for interplanetary

  4. Because 12 RTG’s are needed for 1 Ion engine. And yes, they are lighter,
    but can be a bit crowded.

  5. have you though about using nuclear engines? they last a very long time,
    will be great for your single stage ship

  6. Theoretically speaking, after a while, a ion propelled ship could reach
    speed far beyond chemical rockets.

  7. Do you put batteries on your ion drive ships? That might allow for some
    thrust on the dark sides of planets, or as you get further out into the
    solar system.

  8. KSPX (Kerbal Stock Parts Expansion) has a better “bigger ion drive” – it’s
    not just a resize, it has a model. Its author ended up being hired by
    Squad, because her stuff was so good. But without mods, you’re doing pretty
    well. I designed a ship with an array of 25 ion engines, but powering them,
    even in Kerbin’s orbit, much less Jool’s, is a… significant challenge. I
    wanted to carry batteries too in case of sun-blocking planets, though
    that’s looking less feasible the more I fiddle with it.

  9. I do, but only as an emergency power source for the probe. A single ion
    engine would drain a battery in seconds, unfortunately.

  10. i would make a sail barge (booster station idea) like that, but with 4
    times as many ion engines as yours, i think it would work better

  11. The only problem is it takes over an hour to burn a single can of gas with
    a single engine. An hour of real time play of just adjusting your course by
    .5 degrees every minute or so to stay on course.

  12. For some reason when I try to use an ion thruster, it won’t work at all. It
    doesn’t shoot out any flame or anything and it just consumes electricity.

  13. I’ve just put a ship with 42 ion drives on an escape trajectory from
    Kerbin. The launch phase didn’t get me past the Mun and escape is 10hrs
    away, which is a long time with 4x physical acceleration. As far as I am
    concerned, ion drives are at present useless, for 2 reasons. 1. I can’t
    warp time while the engines are running 2. The power requirements are
    insane. To power my 42 ion drives I built a ridiculous “ship”, which is
    basically a frame for 60 solar panels.

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