The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

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  1. Jolly good. Looking forward to next time.
    All of Japan’s reactors are switched off. The one fast breeder reactor
    “Monju” which would have used liquid sodium as a coolant never was switched
    on. FBR’s make everyone too nervous. In preparing the fusion discourses,
    would suggest looking into Lockheed Martin’s 15/10/14 boast of creating a
    truck sized fusion reactor within 5 years. Cheers!

  2. Thanks so much for these awesome vids. :) I guess since the Fukushima
    disaster we all are taking a bigger / harder look at the benefits and
    dangers associated with nuclear technology – and You are doing a great
    work explaining it to us all :) thanks for that :)
    There is one question I’d like to ask though – have You heard/known
    about Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors , what are Your thought on this
    topic , and could You go through it and explain how they work ? :)
    I ( and I’m sure many others like me ) would appreciate it very much if
    You could :)
    Thanks again :) 

  3. Wow thank you so much, i loved this video.

    I cant tell you how much i appriciated this video! :D

  4. Prof: Maybe I missed it, but what gives off the first neutron to start the
    chain reaction?

    It looks as if you want to have the amount of neutrons available equal to
    the absoprtion rate of the cadmium rods and inert rods (such as in the
    breeder reactor) in the tank.

    As time progresses the rate of neutron production increases until all the
    absorption and inert rods capture the excess. What is making sure that this
    process is carried out without a melt down?

    When the inert rods turn into fission material and begin emitting more
    nuetrons, I would assume the amount of starting material, such as Uranium,
    would be less and produce less neutrons per mass while the inert rods
    produce more neutrons per mas of active material in the rods.

    With these two scenarios, what is the active way of managing the amount of
    neutrons present at any time? I would assume you would have an excess of
    absorption rods and coolant, but how does anyone know the exact neutron
    production rate at any time and whether or not the reaction will get out of

    Also, what is the minimum size for a fission reactor? Also can you go into
    more detail about AGCR, because I think liquid graphite sounds cool.

  5. (you know what I am going to ask don’t you :) )
    So, if apparently U238 can turn in Pu239 by absorbing a neutron ( and from
    your video I understood it could be a thermal neutron) why is there U328
    naturally around and not Pu239? Or U233 instead of Th232? Thanks

    Looking forward for the fusion video(s)…

  6. Which type of reactor is more safe? I think Chernobyl reactor was using
    graphite rods and it was part of a problem. I also read that water reactors
    are safer because you can’t have running away fission in them. If it gets
    too hot water evaporates and reaction stops.

  7. Great video. Thanks. Good descriptions of current designs. It would be
    great if you could also do one on future designs and their advantages ..
    Things like pellet reactors, molten salt etc.

  8. I have uploaded another video in the nuclear physics series: Nuclear
    Fission Reactor Design

  9. hello, please; you upload your folder for me? your .minecraft in mediafire
    or adfly. whit this mods.

Nuclear Fission Reactor Design

General approach to design of nuclear fission reactors and the different types.

Hey Guys! I have a Mod Tutorial and build for you! Nuclear reactor time! And I just created a new intro and a name!! Please leave a comment for ideas in the …