Natural Born Spillers (2) Disaster in Gulf of Mexico

please read first Bitte lesen Sie! “Weird scenes on a sea floor site” Link zu meiner HP: Neu: The World Disaster Map! click here: remarks on this video:: Background sound is artificial ( taken from animal sound library) ———————- Here the other arts of “Natural Born Spillers” Go to part 1 ( Teil 1) , to read the general description to Natural Born Spillers: —— “Natural Born Spillers part 3: Gulf of Mexico- eruptions and Methan bubbles” See what happened on August 19 and 20 in part3. —————- SOURCES DOCUMENTARY ON MY HOMEPAGE: Auf den folgender Seiten meiner Homepage finden Sie eine umfassende 4 teilige Dokumentation des Deepwater Horizon Unglückes ( Sprache deutsch): ————– Documentary on my Homepage ( the article is written in German language: A google translator is integrated on each page . Information sources as links in original Engish language: articles of US news channels ( also Bloomberg, NYT, Huffington Post etc.) aas well as many original documents by MMS ,Schlumberger published to that case through the freedom of information act (US) /links to all hearings of the US- Congress from July 2010 such as the interrogation of Tony Hayward. Map of the incident area as shown on this video: This map is available in larger resolution on my homepage: Just click on links there to get directly to all these informations
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  1. Glinkaism1 wrote me a personal message:

    “This is absolutely great satire! Everything about it! The haphazard editing, the low resolution like 16mm film, the contradition of the Oh-bum!”

    people If you are to coward to post your comment public, I will delete it. :The 60 x 100 p.resolution lower than anything else on the web,was set by BP on their website! .The cameras and Rov images have originally all HD! what you call “Satire” is just part of desinformation tactic! I can`t laugh about it!

  2. @BeePeeOilDisaster Its in:”NBS part 3″ I have made alink into the description of his vid and will set it as my presentation video.The rov operators are however advised not to show the critical sites.Sometimes- mostly just for seconds they can`t avoid that.I frequently observe the rovs. Yesterday I saw another scene with lots of large red obs, those emit from the big hole. more and more smaller emit all around from the seafloor. As my recorder was not running yet I couldn`t get the scene .

  3. @betheqt :You find the map on my homepage Thanks-I think, it was a bigger installation down there but-not untypical for the oil exploitation in the GOM. The “big 4” (oil companies) have pipelines which connect many plattforms and pump the oil and gas on land. It`ll take long time, until s. a pipelines is shut down as it has to run empty as well . If something happens its an disaster beyond imagination. The gulf has not only got that oilcalypse, but also a serious geological problem (see>BeePee)

  4. @lighttowers: this is true, it does take weeks to get minutes of good edited footage. You did a great job. And yes, it is time for change worldwide. We either evolve or we die. Depends how many of us truthtellers keep on telling the truth. :)

  5. @betheqt :I am learning by doing. Its everytime difficult- such as could not get google earth program to zoom smoothly. 10 Minutes take me at least two days of work and more. A professional film maker told me once, 10 minutes of a professional doku soap needs14 days of editing. Same archaic are thesel techniques and the not science which make possible that gulf catastrophy . All is driven by the needs now,civilisation is on the eve of change.All needs to be understood-but they wont

  6. Thank you for this. I would like to suggest you warn people to pause at your comments. Future editing advice, make the middle clips a little longer so that the viewer may really see the maps and diagrams. I’m sharing this and sending it to the media and I suggest everyone do the same. See me on Facebook @Beth Coulter and on youtube @betheqt

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